Decide which category of the French long stay work visa you belong under and start the application process.

Complete the file of documents including passport, proof of financial means, and more.

Additional documents for salaried employees’ visa like OFII Form and police certificate.

Requirements for the French Creating & Running a business visa include Evidence of financial resources and French Tax clearance.

Requirements for French Professionals & Independents visa - Evidence of financial resources, Supporting evidence of your socio-professional situation, Statutory declaration and Police certificate

French Sports visa requirements - OFII Form, Police certificate, and If you are minor: parental authorization + copies of parents’ passports

Requirements for volunteer workers’ visa - Evidence of financial resources, Statutory declaration, Voluntary work contract, Police certificate, Registration with the French authorities, and If you are a minor: A written parental authorization.

Requirements for the French International Organization visa - Note Verbale.

After fulfilling the requirements book an appointment, pay the visa fee and you are good to go.

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