Rangoli is an art form that originated in India. People use different materials to create beautiful patterns, either on their doorsteps or tabletop.

There is a mythological history behind making rangolis. Lopamudra was the wife of Rishi (sage) Augustya. She and her husband lived in a remote place, away from others.

People would describe them as hermits. They also wrote 2 portions of the Rigveda, the famous holy books of Hinduism.

The story goes like this, Lopamudra wanted to help her husband while he was worshipping the gods. In order to do this she started to make rangoli.

She made a rangoli around the Yagyakunda, which is a place of worship.

To make this rangoli, Lopamudra had asked the Panchatatva (the five elements – wind, sky, water, earth, fire) to give her colours using which she could help her husband.

She could collect blue from the sky, black from the soil, green from water, red from fire and white from the wind.

Thus, the colours used in rangoli are thought to bring different elements to our lives like strength, stability, positivity etc.

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