Many students dread facing IELTS essay questions, but going in prepared with the various types of essay questions can give you the headstart you needed!

Agree or Disagree Type

The students will be given one opinion & they have to write if they agree or disagree with that opinion by stating some valid points. Eg topics: internet vs newspapers, human cloning etc. 

Discuss Two Opinions Type

The students will be provided with two opinions and they will have to discuss both opinions and then present their own. Eg topics: animal rights, formal and informal education.

Cause and Effect Type

These can be addressed by first giving reasons and later discussing the effects and solutions. Eg topics: child obesity, skin whitening creams.

Problems and Solutions Type

These questions usually focus on problems related to the cause & where you can suggest solutions. Eg topic: overpopulation

Advantage & Disadvantages Type

These essays discuss the given topic's positive and negative sides. Eg topics: Cellphones and the internet, computer games.

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