Check out these healthy mouthwatering recipes for a Guilt-Free Diwali!

Who doesn't love Kaju Katli? Made of cashew nuts and sugar, you can try this recipe by replacing sugar with honey for a healthier version.

One of the most popular snacks for Diwali, chakli is usually a deep fried namkeen but you can ditch the fry part and bake it for a healthier taste.

Who said you only have sweets on diwali? Poha chivda is the classic namkeen snack which requires minimal oil and is completely healthy.

Ladoos have always been a great sweet dish but to make these healthier you can use dry fruits, grated cocunut and replace sugar with jaggery.

Whole wheat papdi is an amazing snack to try if you do not have a thing for sweets. You can even bake the whole wheat papdi and serve it with Chai.

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