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There can be numerous reasons to take a gap year. In any case, the students are required to prove their reason.

In case you have stayed up nights trying to figure out how to prove your gap year, these tips can help you blow off the steam!

This allows flexible work hours as you take some time off or even venture on a quest to find yourself a better & suitable career opportunity.

Freelance Work

Volunteer work proves that you take interest in extracurricular activities. More than anything else, you can find joy in helping others. 


This is the time during which you can learn to do different things. Going for a short-term course, be it in baking or in C++, can prove to be helpful. 

Apply for Short Courses

Many recruiters prefer people having multiple skill sets. Hence, it is always a good idea to keep learning new skills, whether technical or soft skills.

Gain Skills

Learning a new language can do wonders for your career, especially if you are planning to work abroad!

Learn a New Language

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