5 Blunders you

Check out this story to not land in deep waters repeating these common mistakes.


make in Study Abroad Forms

Mistake #1

Do we need to say more? Always re-check your details before submitting the form!

Sending an incomplete application form

Mistake #2

Missing application dates

A real miscalculation that you never want to make. Check your application deadlines without fail!

Mistake #3

Forgetting to pay your application fee

Hate to see all backbreaking work go to vain? Consider paying application fees as the imperative as students normally don't get the option to send in late applications.

Mistake #4

Not a grammar nazi, but who doesn’t dislike bad grammar? Especially in college application forms!

Using bad grammar

Mistake #5

Not having a clear budget

Baap bada na bhaiya, sabse bada rupaiya! Keep a strict estimate of your budget and apply suitably.

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