Visa rejections can be a serious blow to your going abroad plans. Hence, make sure you don’t indulge in these mistakes!

An expired passport, one or with no blank pages are grounds for visa rejection. Hence applicants should cross-check their documents before submitting. 

Travel Document Discrepancies

Late application, which can provide the embassy with lesser time than the recommended processing time can often lead to visa rejection.

Submitting Late Application

Travellers are required to show enough funds to support their stay. This is done to ensure an easy stay and that they do not become a liability to the country. 

Insufficient Funds

Your visa could get rejected if any mentioned information does not match your travel documents. This occurs when people fill out the form in haste.

Information Mismatch

An important reason for visa denial can be an existing criminal record or that your entry can jeopardise or threaten the destination country.

Criminal Records

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