Students that study abroad miss their families tremendously on festivals, especially on the most celebrated occasion of Diwali! So here’s how universities abroad celebrate the festival of lights to beat that homesickness!

University of Oxford: One of the things which students miss the most around Diwali is traditional Indian food, which is why the society served a traditional 3-course Indian meal along with stalls serving lassi and pani-puri!

University of Cambridge: University of Cambridge organized a mesmerizing classical dance performance and put a modern twist on Diwali celebrations with a Harry-Potter style Diwali.

London School of Economics: The Indian Society at LSE ensures that students around the world understand & rejoice Indian culture. The event invites students from different universities & involves an hour-long Puja. The event ends with a delicious spread of Indian snacks and sweets.

Boston University: BU organises a Diwali puja to invite goddess Lakshmi to our homes & bring peace, wealth and prosperity. The puja starts with the Ganesh Puja, then the Kalasha Puja and finally the Lakshmi Puja. The puja is conducted by a local priest followed by a complimentary Indian dinner!

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