No one wishes to have a set back! So why not avoid it altogether? You can look at these common mistakes students make to make sure you don’t!

1. Taking on more than you can

It won’t pay if you try to tackle too much at once. You may feel you’re completing a lot of work but it may result in burn-out!

2. Memorising without understanding

Rattu totas will never finish the race first! So always understand, look for the meaning & then learn!

 3. Comparing yourself

Everyone can have different positives and negatives. Hence, comparing can only steal your peace and waste your time!

4. Staying away from professors

They may be very busy, but students who make cordial & professional relations with their instructors win in life!

5. Not revising

We cannot retain everything that we read in a day. Therefore, assuming that you have learnt everything by reading only once can be a big disaster. 

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