Many students enrolled at the University of Wollongong (UOW) in NSW’s Illawarra region of Australia are worried about facing visa rejections 

This comes as the Federal Government fears that they may not leave the country post their studies.

According to news reports, Navneet Mittal, President of the Asian International Student Association informed that he had been contacted by around 80 students, most from South Asia. 

Many of these students were applicants at the UOW and others were from other Australian universities. 

The students had claimed that they had completed all the required documentation yet their visa got rejected.

Jay Patel who enrolled at UOW in Feb 2023 claims that his application was genuine and even financially strong but the Immigration department still rejected it. 

Another Indian student, enrolled at UOW, got a visa rejection with the name Queensland university, to which she had not applied at all. 

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