Don’t worry if you are late in preparing for your TOEFL exam. Here is a 7-day plan to prepare you for the same!

Day 1: Understand the pattern, read the syllabus, time limit, and number/type of questions

Day 2,3: Start practising the listening section as it will require you to get accustomed to different accents as well as concentrate on the keywords. Apart from that, you can start talking in English to people around you to improve your speaking skills!

Day 4,5: Now that you have had good practice for the listening task, it's time to concentrate on the writing task. For this, you can think & write over the common topics that are asked. You can also start with reading sections when you’re bored with writing. 

Day 6: After you’ve had practice for writing, concentrate more on the reading section. Find common topics, learn skimming through, finding keywords etc. You can also start solving previous year's question papers with this.

Day 7: The last day should be dedicated to solving older question papers. This is important as you can get an idea of the time limit & where you stand. Apart from this, you may concentrate on preparing all things, like a pen, and copies of your ID, needed for the big day tomorrow!

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