Cleaning spree Indians believe that the Goddess Lakshmi only steps inside if your home is neat and clean. It’s not just dusting but de-cluttering things and painting your house.

Lots of Sweets The five days of Diwali celebration have loads of food, especially sweets! Chakli, peda, barfi, halwa and laddoo are popular during celebrations.

Rangoli Decorating the home also includes rangoli. Rangoli powder comes in many colors and is  decorated with beautiful designs. 

Lakshmi Pujan On this auspicious day, people seek the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi. They seek the goddess and pray for their loved ones wealth, prosperity, and fortune.

Shopping Spree Since Diwali is considered auspicious for buying new things. On the first day of Dhanteras people buy gold and silver coins.

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