Learn with us 10 ways to say 'Hello' in French. 

1.Bonjour (bawn·zhou)
Bonjour is a common word used to say hello in French and is used by many French people. The word ‘Bonjour’ literally translates to “good day” which is commonly used as a greeting in the French language.

2.Comment ça va (kom:mah sah vah.)
It is generally said to say hello in French. Also, it is used in casual conversations which literally translates to - how it's going. 
Comment ça va is also sometimes said as ça va.

3. Coucou
Coucou is the most informal way of saying hello in french. It is basically the informal way of saying Bonjour. The word is used to portray a warm and affectionate feeling towards your close ones.

4. Bonsoir (bon·swar)
Bon means good and sour means evening. The literal translation of the word is good evening. It is a good way of saying hello in French to someone, especially in the evening. 

5. Enchanté 
The term Enchanté is usually used when you are pleased to meet someone and would like to express that feeling to the other person. The literal translation of the word is ‘delighted’. 

 6. Allô 
Allô also means hello in the french language and is generally used as a question as to whether the other person on the other side of the phone can hear you or not. It is posed more as a question than a greeting. 

 7. Quoi de Neuf?
Quoi de Neuf literally translates to what’s new or what’s up. It is also an informal way of saying hello to someone asking them how they are and what they have been up to.

8. Salut 
Salut is one such word that can be used both while greeting someone or bidding farewell to them. The word is an informal way of greeting someone you’ve just met or are saying goodbye to.

 9. Rebonjour
Rebonjour is a word which is used to greet someone you’ve already greeted and have run into them once again. It basically means bonjour again meaning hello again.

 10. Comment se passe votre journée
It is a common phrase and is used while meeting someone which means how’s your day or how’s your day going. 

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