Videography Courses

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Videography Courses

Videography encompasses the aspect of moving visuals pertaining to photography. As the cinema has transformatively gone digital, films aren’t made in the blink of an eye and involve an extensive production process comprising of an expansive film crew. Videography is an indispensable part of digital filmmaking which pertains to people working on video production, video editing, shade grading, photography, cinematography amongst other aspects. It is becoming an up and coming career choice in the new generation and has unlimited scope. This blog brings you a collated list of best videography courses at different levels of study offered by esteemed universities of the world as well as the career scope they entail.

What is Videography?

A relatively new and broad concept, videography courses emphasize diverse aspects of the filmmaking world. They encompass theoretical knowledge alongside practical experience as students are assigned practical tasks to hone their skills and understand the functioning of the world of cinematography. Students encounter concepts like visual aesthetics, editing, pre and post-production processes and industrial equipment. These filmmaking courses familiarize students with the technical and artistic aspects of becoming a part of the world of videography. These courses vary in duration, concepts covered and practical experience garnered based on the level at which it is pursued.

Why Pursue Videography Courses?

Over the last few years, an industry that has grown insurmountably is the film and video designing industry. With a boom in the entertainment world as everything became digital and now you can easily watch your favourite shows and movies anytime and anywhere, the career field of videography and filmmaking has grown immensely. For aspirants facing a dilemma about whether they should pursue an educational qualification in videography, the reasons to pursue are numerous.

  • A highly creative and upcoming field with unlimited and many unexplored opportunities
  • Perfect for those aiming to pursue a creative career and passionate towards telling stories through scintillating visuals
  • Videography is not just limited to filmmaking but also to documentaries, event videography, wildlife documentaries, travel videography and much more.
  • Wide-ranging course curriculum acquainting students with diverse aspects of the filmmaking field and offering them with a host of amazing career options to choose from! 

Diploma/Certificate Courses in Videography 

Certificate courses in videography are short term, professional degrees that focus on highly practical aspects of videography and equip students with skills to shoot a digital video as well as editing and visual effects through software applications like Adobe Premiere Pro, etc. Enlisted below are some of the popular diplomas offered by universities across the world:

  • Diploma in Creative Digital Media
  • Diploma in Creative Media Production
  • Diploma in Digital Design and Development
  • AP Degree in Multimedia Design
  • Diploma in Video Editing
  • Diploma in Digital Video Production

Bachelor’s Degree Courses in Videography

Like any other field, there are a host of bachelor’s degree programs that aim to impart students with a holistic understanding of videography, filmmaking, photography, cinematography and related areas. These courses can be full-time as well as part-time and provide comprehensive and in-depth knowledge to its students about videography. Mentioned below are some of the sought-after undergraduate courses in videography.

  • BA in Film and Digital Media
  • Bachelor of Digital Media
  • BSc Hons. Film and Television Production Technology
  • Bachelor’s in Digital Media Production
  • Bachelor of Communication in Digital Media Production
  • Bachelor’s in Digital Media Technology
  • Bachelor’s in Digital Media Design and Development
  • BA Hons. in Creative Media and Product

Master’s Degree Courses in Videography

An advanced program, Master’s in courses are specialized degrees providing extensive knowledge on the chosen specialisation under this field. These programs are perfect for those aiming to study digital filmmaking in detail and you can also find research-oriented programs as well. Listed below are some of the major Master’s programs in videography offered by some of the major universities worldwide:

  • MA in Digital Video Production
  • MA in Audiovisual Media Arts
  • MA in Digital Media Production
  • Master’s program in New Media: Game Design and Production

Best Universities for Videography Courses

It is imperative to be aware of the universities offering courses to be able to make the right decision when opting for a program. Choosing the right university is an essential step towards embarking on your academic and professional quest. Tabulated below is a list of internationally accredited universities that offer lauded videography programs at multiple levels.

University Country
Aalto University Finland
London Metropolitan University UK
University of Suffolk UK
Dudley University UK
Plymouth College of Art UK 
Neapolis University Pafos Cyprus
University of Sussex UK
Anglia Ruskin University UK
Queensland University of Technology Australia
University of Brighton UK

Career Prospects

Completing a course in Videography opens up a world of opportunities. The media, film and entertainment industry has a plethora of promising prospects on offer for creative and brilliant storytellers. Listed below are some of the major job profiles a person can opt for after completing videography courses.

  • Filmmaker
  • Production Assistant
  • Camera Operator
  • Cinematographer
  • Director
  • Film/Video Editor
  • Cue Selectors

Top 5 Videography Courses Online 

Online courses are the best way to get a quality education without relocating. Top online portals include Coursera, MOOCs, FutureLearn, etc. Check out the top 10 videography courses you can pursue online:

  1. Introduction to Production Design for Film and Screen Offered by Future Learn
  2. Learning Video Production and Editing offered by LinkedIn Learning
  3. Sundance Collab Community by Sundance Institute
  4. Cinematography Course | Shoot Expert Video on Any Camera by SkillShare
  5. Explore Filmmaking: From Script to Screen by Future Learn

Top 5 Best Skillshare Videography Courses

Credits: David Kline – SkillScouter


Where can I pursue videography courses in Delhi?

You can pursue videography courses from Delhi Film Institute, KTHM College, Delhi University.

Is IELTS required for videography courses in Melbourne?

Yes, IELTS ranging between 7.5 – 8.5 will get in top-ranked universities offering videography courses in Melbourne.

Are there any videography courses in Kenya?

Kenya institute of mass communication is one of the best universities to study videography courses in Kenya.

Which is the best university for videography courses in Canada?

LaSalle College Vancouver and Toronto film schools offer the best videography courses in Canada.

Thus, we hope that this blog provided you with the key essentials of videography courses, universities, and careers! Do you wish to become a videographer but are unsure about how to actualize your career path? Fear not for Leverage Edu will help you in your academic and professional journey. Our mentors and counselors are here to assist you in selecting a suitable course and university with the help of an amazing tool of AI Course Finder along with guiding you throughout the admission procedure. Register today for a free session and get ready to join the fascinating world of Film and Entertainment!

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  1. Thank you for writing this quality informational content. I love reading articles that are so well-written. Thanks for sharing the details about videography course or certificates and universities that offer that courses.

  1. Thank you for writing this quality informational content. I love reading articles that are so well-written. Thanks for sharing the details about videography course or certificates and universities that offer that courses.

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