Vedica Scholars: An Initiative for Women Empowerment

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Vedica Scholars

At contemporary times, when we talk about women empowerment, we think of better healthcare, political freedom, educational infrastructure with classroom learning and hands-on-experience. We have seen women creating distinctive space for themselves and achieving a milestone in every field. And it is a fact that there are many organisations and programmes working upfront for women empowerment and preparing them to achieve a fulfilling career. One such programme is the Vedica Scholars Programme for Women where life and learning go hand in hand. So, let us walk you through the different aspects of this programme.

Vedica Scholars Programme

The Vedica Scholars Programme for Women aiming to prepare them to fulfil their educational aspirations. A dedicated team of mentors and trainers work wholeheartedly to create successful women professionals for this century. It is an 18-month full-time programme, an alternative to the traditional MBA that incorporates hands-on experience and classroom learning by some of the most inspiring professionals who have already brought laurels in their respective field and have an inspiring academic background under their belt. After the successful completion of the programme, a Post-graduate Certificate in Management Practice and Leadership is awarded to women for further encouragement.

Important Courses 

The Vedica Scholars Programme for Women offers a diverse range of courses in the traditional MBA programme. The below-given table will brief you about the range of courses:

Management Practice

Learning management principles are fundamentals to the working life in the corporate world and excel in a career in government, development, social enterprise or in an entrepreneurial venture. The study curriculum prepares you for managerial excellence through emphasizing on the core of an MBA course. Following are the topics covered in this section:

  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Financial Accounting
  • Organisational Behaviour
  • Quantitative Methods
  • Operations
  • Project Manager Series
  • Strategy and Global Strategy
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Contemporary Business
  • Technology for Business
  • HR Management

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Liberal Arts

The best way to make the right choice for your organisation is to understand the politics, economics and sociology of that choice? The Vedica Scholars Programme allows learners to bring perspective and diverse ‘out of the box’ approach to solving problems. Major concepts in Liberal Arts include:

  • Principles of Economics
  • Philosophy
  • Indian Economy
  • Macroeconomics
  • Globalisation and the Indian Political Economy
  • International Business Law
  • Public Policy
  • Sustainable Development Goals
  • Corporate Law
  • Sociology
  • Gender
  • Humanitarianism

Communication and Thinking

In these upcoming times, to be able to effectively communicate your ideas and thoughts. The courses offer different aspects of thinking like analysis, logic and structure; and oral, written and visual communication skills. Some of the common topics include:

  • Communication
  • Critical Thinking
  • Deconstructing the Self
  • Thinking Visually
  • Communicating with your Audience
  • Structured Communication
  • Elements of Writing
  • Responsible Research
  • Business Communication
  • Fundamentals of Language
  • Reading Critically

Personal Growth

Taking up courses like understanding yourself, leading the self, leading change and others, collaborative leadership and essential skills can help you boost your personal growth. Few of the major topics included in Vedica Scholars Programme for Women are:

  • Understanding the Self
  • Leadership & Innovation
  • Mind of a Leader
  • Negotiations
  • Leading through Group Processes
  • Managing Interpersonal Dynamics
  • Managing Personal Finance
  • Development Practice
  • Embedded Leadership Excellence
  • Ethics

What’s Unique About the Vedica Scholars Programme?

The Vedica Scholars Programme for Women is famous for many aspects. As we have already discussed how it has offered an alternative to traditional MBA with utmost professionalism and making women able to deliver justice with their management skills. Let us see how Vedica Scholars Programme is unique in its own way:

  • It is the first of its kind programme which solely focuses on women empowerment and improving the educational structure for them.
  • The programme is supported by famous influential women with an inspiring background across interdisciplinary learning which enhances your personal capacities and makes you focused on your leadership capabilities. 
  • After the completion of the programme, it promises you a shining career and better placements with an average salary of ₹10.2 lakhs and the highest salary of ₹21 lakhs. 
  • It has imbibed professional teaching from world-class institutions, thus it offers a world-class facility. It improves your bond with intellectually like-minded women. 
  • The Vedica Scholars houses 150 faculty members from globally acclaimed educational institutions.
  • It has 144 guest speakers which include senior industry practitioners, social reform leaders, authors and entrepreneurs. 
  • There are nearly 75 programme mentors and 200 shadow mentors who are experts of corporate India.

Fees and Scholarship for 2021 – 22 classes

Vedica Scholars believe the prosperity of women through education and empowerment, and prepare women with full potential. The total fee for this specialised programme is 14,25,000 for 2021-22. Also, a Vedica Bursary of ₹2,75,000 is awarded to every candidate to recognise their future potential. Take a look at the detailed fee structure in the table given below:

Tuition Fee INR 6,50,000
Accommodation Food & Transport INR 5,00,000 
Total INR 11,50,000*

*GST as applicable

Educational Loans 

In order to set your feet in Vedica Scholars Programme and make a distinctive space for yourself, scholarships are available for deserving candidates on the basis of their need and merit. These can either waive of the complete tuition fee or in part. Let us understand how can you make use of the Vedica Scholarship facilities:

  • Vedica has tie-up financial banks which help students avail educational loans from a number of banks and NBFCs. 
  • You will get educational loans on the basis of your credit history and academic performance. 

What are the benefits of this loan system?  

  • The facility of low-interest rates with a repayment period ranging from 5 to 15 years. 
  • You will enjoy income tax benefits. 
  • Your educational, living and other expenses would be covered easily. 
  • You will have a moratorium period that ranges from 6 months to 1 year. 

Eligibility Criteria for Vedica Scholars Programme

Achievement centric women with a graduate degree who has a spark and passion for applying at Vedica Scholars programme. Fresh graduates are encouraged and those who have work experience are highly appreciated. 

Admission Timeline 2021 – 22 (class of 2022)

Phase Deadline
Applications for Round 1 20 December 2020
Applications for Round 2 5 March 2021
Applications for Round 3 Accepting applications
Classes  August 2021

Admission Procedure for Vedica Scholars Programme

All you need to do is, just Login or Register and then go to Application Form and follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Applicants have to submit their application form which will tell their personal and professional details. 
  • It is important to note that each section in the application and interview is highly important which needs to be dealt with professionally. 
  • You will be assessed on the basis of your analytical, written and verbal skills. 
  • Once your application is shortlisted, you will be called for an interview by Vedica panellists.  
  • Vedica panellists give preference to early applicants and they review completed applications on a rolling basis. Please note that preference will be given to early applicants.

List of Top Recruiters for Vedica Scholars Programme

Being a prestigious company, meeting all the professional standards as per market expectation, recruiters all around the globe choose its candidates to be hired on lucrative posts. Some of the top recruiters include for Vedica Scholars Programme include:

  • Google 
  • Management Trainee Sales at Nestle
  • Business Associate at KPMG Global Services
  • Associate Consultant at EY India
  • Project Associate at OYO
  • Founder’s Team at Airtel Payments Bank
  • Business Analyst at MMTC-PAMP
  • Associate at Albright Stonebridge Group
  • Associate at Deloitte
  • Associate at FSSAI
  • Associate at Tata Trusts 


Are there any changes in the admission process because of Covid – 19?

Because of the covid 19 situations, the entire admissions process has been made digital – all interviews are being conducted virtually on Google Hangouts/Zoom/Skype. Shortlisted candidates are no longer required to submit any documents physically.

How are the programmes being delivered to the current batches?

The coming batch (batch 6) has the option of attending classes from campus or from their homes. The classroom classes will be a live stream for those attending virtually. Vedica has the required infrastructure and altered pedagogy to make virtual classes seamless. 

What safety precautions are being taken to curb the spread of covid – 19?

Answer safety protocols including sanitisation, social distancing norms, hygiene protocols, protective gears are being followed on the campus. Additionally, health insurance covers are given to all scholars under which hospitalization due to Covid is also covered.

What are the provisions for applicants to visit the campus?

Answer the campus and hostel are open for a visit however the visitor will have to give a 72 hour prior intimation. Visitors will have to wear a mask and follow the social distancing protocols and will be assisted by a member of a team.

Can I connect with the Vedica Team/faculty/alumni /scholars virtually?

Answer to make a more informed decision, Team Vedica can connect you to the stakeholders who will provide you with the necessary information. For this applicants are requested to write to and a video or telecon will be arranged with the team.

It is true that we need to empower our women in every possible way. Education is a great tool to empower women and help them build leadership qualities and management acumen. proper recognition in the society. And, programs like Vedica Scholars are professionally shaping the career of women who have the potential to serve their nation. Carving one’s own path in the contemporary competitive world is quite an arduous task to take. Needless to say, a mentor can guide you throughout your professional quest thus helping you achieve your career aspirations. Reach out to our experienced counsellors at Leverage Edu and we’ll help you at every step of your academic and professional journey thus ensuring that you actualise your dream career goals!

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