Vedic Maths

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Vedic Maths

Vedic Mathematics is quite popular because of its simplistic and deductive nature of calculations. Usually, students start learning about it in class 10th and many find themselves inclined towards its hassle-free techniques of easy calculations. Vedic mathematics carries out calculations in a fun and interesting manner which is what make problem-solving an engaging exercise for people of all ages. So, let’s take you on a journey of how maths problems can be simplified using Vedic maths along with some useful tricks and popular books you must have to learn this science.

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As the name says it all, Vedic Mathematics refers to the ancient system of Indian Mathematics. Around the ancient period of 1911 and 1918, this calculation method was rediscovered from the Vedas by Sri Bharati Krsna Tirthaji. Renowned as the Father of Vedic Mathematics, he found that arithmetic mathematical problems can be solved using the collection of sixteen sutras or word-formulae. Further, the best part of Vedic maths is that the calculations can be simply done mentally without hassling with long intricate calculations which is why it is frequently added to school-level curriculums.

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Vedic Maths Tricks

Vedic Maths tricks are used for difficult or time-consuming problems of either high school or of competitive exams. Some of the tricks are so widely popular that we are sure you will get at least nostalgic reading about it or if you are still reading about it then you can practice again! Let’s take a look at some of the most famous tricks.

1. Subtracting from 1000, 10000, 100000

Carrying out substractions from such huge digits can be a complex task. Substracting any number from a multiple of 100s can be easily done using a Vedic maths trick. For those, you need to take the number that you need to subtract from 1000 and then deduct each figure of the number from 9 while the last digit from 10, for example,

Let’s take 1000-578
Now, you need to subtract 5 and 7 from 9 and 8 from 10, i.e.

Thus, the answer comes, 1000-578= 422.
This incredible trick can be used on any multiples of 100, just remember to subtract the last digit from 10.

2. Multiplication of any 2-digit number (11-19)

A helpful one for primary school kids, multiplication of any two numbers between 11 to 19 can be done with another prominent Vedic maths trick. It might seem complex but once you master it, it will assist children in doing multiplications in no time! 

Follow these 4 steps:

  • Add the unit digit of the smaller number to the larger number
  • Multiply the result by 10
  • Now multiply the unit digits of both 2-digit numbers
  • Then add both numbers.

Let’s take a look at an example, 
Multiply 13 and 18.

Step 1: 18+3= 21
Step 2: 21*10= 210
Step 3: 3*8=24
Step 4: Adding the numbers 210 and 24= 234, which is the right answer!

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3. Dividing a Large Number by 5

Dividing a big, say 4-digit number by 5 might seem an arduous task for children. Vedic Maths has a solution for this using which you can do this division in just 5 seconds. 

First, Multiply the number by 2 and move the decimal point to the left, which will be your answer.

For an example,
Divide 2421 by 5.

Step 1: 2421*2= 4842
Step 2: 484.2
Step 3: Move the decimal away and you will get your answer, i.e. 4842

4. Find the Square Value

Amongst the long list of formulas and tricks in Vedic maths, complex squares are a prominent concept focused upon. Here is the trick to solving complex squares faster:

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  • Choose a base closer to the number
  • Find the difference of the number from the base
  • Add the difference with the original number
  • Multiply the result with the base
  • Add the product of the square of the difference to the above result.

Take a look at the following example,


Step 1: Take 100 as a base
Step 2: Difference, 97-100 = -3
Step 3: Add the difference to the number, 97+(-3) = 94
Step 4: Multiply the result with the base, 94*100 = 9400
Step 5: Add the product of the square, 9400+9 = 9409
There is another way of using this Vedic maths trick, i.e. for the base of 50, in which you need to divide the first two numbers by 2 and for 200 and follow up with the same steps.

5. Multiplication of Any 3-digit Number

For carrying out multiplications, there is a popular trick in Vedic maths for multiply any 3-digit number. In this technique, 

  • First deduct the unit digits from their corresponding whole numbers. 
  • take any of the two numbers given in the question and further add them to the unit digit of the other number. 
  • Once you have got the final number from both these two steps, multiply them with each other. On the other hand, multiply the unit digits of the numbers in the question. 
  • Now to find the answer, you need to add the final numbers you got from the last two multiplications.

Let’s see these steps with an example, 

Step 1: Take 2 numbers, 308 and 311
Step 2: Now subtract the unit digits from the whole number,
308-8 = 300
311-11 = 300
Step 3: Now select any of the numbers and add them with the next number like, 
308+11= 319
Step 4: Now we will multiply the product of Step 3 with Step 2, 319*300 = 95700
Step 5: The product of unit places of those numbers are 8 and 11. 8*11 = 88.
Step 6: Now add Step 5 and Step 4,
95700+88 = 95788

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Vedic Maths Books

Now that you know the top Vedic maths formulae and tricks, it is time to brush up what you have learnt through workbooks. Here is a list of some of the best-selling Vedic maths books which you can buy for yourself or for your children and get deeper into this magical mathematical science!

Name of the Book  Link to Buy
Vedic Math Workbook Level -1 by
Om Books Editorial Team 
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How to Become a Human Calculator?: With
the Magic of Vedic Maths by Aditi Singhal
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Vedic Maths Made Easy by Dhaval Bhatia Click Here to Buy!
Vedic Mathematics: Sixteen Simple Mathematical
Formulae from the Vedas by Jagadguru Swami
Sri Bharati Krishna Tirthaji Maharaja 
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Power of Vedic Maths by Atul Gupta Click Here to Buy!

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