Vanderbilt University Acceptance Rate

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Established way back in 1873, Vanderbilt University was founded after receiving a donation from Commodore Cornelius Vanderbilt. Located at the heart of Nashville, Tennessee, Vanderbilt University is a prominent research institution recognized worldwide for providing excellence in education and research. The university is home to 10 schools on the park-like campus in Nashville. Further, Vanderbilt University is famous for its immersive learning environment delivered through undergraduate, postgraduate, and professional programs. Currently, more than 12,000 full-time and part-time students are enrolled at institutions from all over the world. Another major attraction at Vanderbilt University is the broad range of physical collections, databases, journals, e-books, and archival resources at the University’s library. If you want to know more about the Vanderbilt University acceptance rate, admission deadline, acceptance rate, and much more, then Keep Reading!

Names  Vanderbilt University
Year of establishment  1873
Also known as   VU
No. Of campuses 1
Cost of living  USD 17620

Vanderbilt University Acceptance Rate 

It is difficult to get into Vanderbilt University as it has an acceptance rate of 11.6%. One of the major reasons for the high acceptance rate is various remarkable rankings, excellence in education, and several facilities. It features being highly selective in the admission of national and international students.

Vanderbilt University Admission Deadlines

If you want to get enrolled in undergraduate programs, then you must submit your applications by early January, whereas for graduate programs, you must submit your application by mid-January.

Intake  Deadlines 
Early decision 1 Early November 
Early decision 2  Early January 
Regular decision  Early March

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There are numerous undergraduate and postgraduate courses at Vanderbilt University with excellent education and teaching delivered by well-qualified staff. Some of the popular courses and fees are as follows –

Course Approx. Fee (in INR)
MA in Economics 13.71 lakhs 
MS Computer Science  28.25 lakhs
Master of Business Administration  46.68 lakhs 
Master of Science in Finance  45.19 lakhs 
PGC in Mobile Cloud Computing 19.19 lakhs 
MPP in Education Policy 28.07 lakhs 
Master of Public Health 28.05 lakhs 
BS in Biological Sciences  40.8 lakhs
BS in Computer Science 40.8 lakhs

Vanderbilt University Admission Process

You are also required to qualify for the eligibility requirements to get into Vanderbilt University 

Eligibility Requirements (UG)

Vanderbilt University provides undergraduate programs in the English language; thus, you are required to qualify for the language proficiency tests. More eligibility requirements depend upon different courses. However, the basic eligibility for undergraduate courses is to pass high school at an officially recognized institution. 

Eligibility Requirements (PG)

The Vanderbilt University postgraduate courses require an undergraduate degree with relevant marks and subjects depending upon the courses you opt for from an officially recognized institution. You need more course-specific requirements to qualify to pursue courses at Vanderbilt University. Thus, you are suggested to check the official website before applying.

Documents Required 

You must also submit a list of documents as a part of the application process. Some essential documents you may require for admission to Vanderbilt University are 

Score Requirements

To get into the University of Waikato, you must also qualify for the language proficiency tests when your first language is not English. These score requirements vary depending upon the courses and the level of the degree you are opting for.


Language Proficiency Test Score Requirements, 
PTE-A 70
IELTS 7 bands
DET 120


Language Proficiency Test Score Requirements, 
PTE-A 70
IELTS 7 bands 

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Vanderbilt University Scholarships

Another important reason for Vanderbilt University’s popularity is the institution’s financial support as financial grants, scholarships, or fellowships. Some of the significant scholarships are 

Name of the Scholarship Awarded Amount in INR 
Narotam Sekhsaria’s Scholarships Upto INR 2 million
K.C. Mahindra Scholarships For Post-Graduate Studies Abroad Maximum of INR 8,00,000
Hani Zeini Scholarship USD 1,000 (INR 73,000 – 75,000)
Harvey Fellowship Variable


Is Vanderbilt University hard to get into?

Yes, being one of the prestigious institutions with numerous remarkable rankings, it is quite harder to get into Vanderbilt University. It has an acceptance rate of 11.6%. 

What GPA do you need to get into Vanderbilt University?

You must have a GPA of more than 3.0 or equivalent to get into the Vanderbilt University undergraduate programs. Further, there are some more requirements to get into Vanderbilt University. 

Does Vanderbilt University accept international students?

Yes, Vanderbilt University accepts admission for international students, and it is also a university that most international students consider the same as home. 

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