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It is a dream for almost most of us to study abroad, but when the question about financing arrives, numerous students usually take a back step. Mostly this happens due to a lack of financial knowledge. Numerous students also hear the scariest story about having more than INR 50 lakhs in their bank accounts. Some are also unaware that the funds can be shown with 2 to 3 sponsors altogether. A lot of confusion prevails in this particular area, and several students fall prey to this, thus skipping their dream of pursuing higher education in the USA. If you want to know more about US Visa Sponsorships sponsor documents, requirements and much more, then Keep Reading!

What is Sponsorship?

US visa sponsorships simply impose that the sponsor for international students is responsible for taking care of the student and their education and living expenses in the USA. A legitimate, as well as qualified sponsor with an exceptionally strong financial background, is known to increase the chances of holding a US F-1 student Visa

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How to Find a Sponsor for Yourself?

If you are an international student willing to pursue higher studies in the USA, then parents, as well as relatives, are very well accommodated as sponsors. You can also look for education loans to sponsor your studies in the USA. Further, in some cases, employees also sponsor an F-1 visa proving that they are ready to hire candidates to post their studies abroad.

How Many Funds are Required for an F-1 US Student Visa?

The funds required for US visa sponsorships must be enough to involve one-year tuition fees along with the cost of living for one year. The cost of living is usually mentioned on the I-20 form. Before getting the I-20 form, you would have this data on your college’s website.

Who can Sponsor My Education Abroad?

Several entities are able to pave your way to a student visa sponsorship for the USA. Let us look at all possible options for potential American Visa sponsorship.

  • Parents: this is also the case with US visa sponsorships as the first resort is always reserved for your Father or Mother.
  • A mix of Both: You can also have Parents along with relatives for making it 2-3 sponsors and for showing the entire one-year cost of living. 
  • Relatives: it is very important to note that blood relatives are also allowed to be your sponsor. Thus the form requires you to mention how they are linked to you. Blood relatives such as grandparents, immediate uncle aunt from both maternal and paternal sides are also allowed to support you along with cousins.
  • Banks: Banks can also be a sponsor for an F-1 visa to provide an educational loan for starting your journey abroad.

Note: It is always preferred to have your sponsors from India, not the USA.

Requirements for F-1 Visa Sponsor

To know more about the F-1 visa sponsor requirements and related, Keep Reading! Given below are some of the most essential F-1 visa sponsor requirements or documents that you must possess while applying for an F-1 student visa in the US:

  • Sponsor letter for an F-1 visa.
  • Document stating the relationship status between the applicant and the sponsor. 
  • Affidavit of sponsorship for an F-1 visa.
  • Official bank statements.
  • Other financial documents (loan letters, property papers, etc.).

Financial Documents Required

Financial documents are required to prove funds when seeking higher education abroad. You should keep in mind that US universities and embassies only accept cash. These funds must be presented twice inside the F-1 visa sponsor records. You can present different financial F-1 visa fund documents to the consulate as an applicant. The key items are as follows:

  • Fixed deposits receipt
  • Loan letter
  • Solvency letter

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Ques. How much does it cost to sponsor a visa?

Ans. You will need approximately 4,000 USD(INR 3.24 lakhs) to sponsor a student visa in the United States, which is enough to cover one year’s tuition and living expenses for the student.

Ques. How to sponsor a student visa in the USA?

Ans. Family and relatives can serve as funders for students who want to study in the United States. Applicants can also take a glance for education loans and grants to fund their education in the United States. Employers can also support an F-1 visa in some cases if they are ready to hire applicants after their study abroad.

Ques. How much is the bank balance required for an F-1 visa?

Ans. You are required to have sufficient funds for US visa sponsorships that are enough to involve one-year tuition fees with one-year living costs.

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