Unusual Courses in Canada

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Unusual Courses in Canada for International Students

Are you unsure of what you want to study at university? Don’t let your indecision lead you to a subject in which thousands of other students will graduate. Choosing a more unusual course allows you to stand out by graduating with a clear specialisation that matches your personality, priorities, and personal goals. We’ve all heard of the traditional degrees: business, science, and the arts. But what if you want to study something that has less trodden academic paths? Here are some unusual courses in Canada that you might want to look into


Course Duration Median Salary
Game Development 3 years CAD $58,607 (INR 34,43,911)
Artificial Intelligence and Data Science 1 year CAD $88,854 (INR 52,19,528).
Lighting design 1 year CAD $52,122 (INR 30,61,789)
Recreation Sport and Tourism 3years CAD $54,893 (INR 32,24,565).
Music Therapy  2 – 3 years CAD $68,045 (INR 39,97,679)
Acturial Science 2-3 years CAD $1,09,370 (INR 64,24,694)
Aerospace Manufacturing Engineering 2 years CAD $42,900(INR 25,20,064 )
Crop production 1 year CAD $60,593 (INR 35,59,399). 
Innovative Manufacturing 2 years CAD $78,176 (INR 45,92,273)

Why Study Unusual Courses in Canada?

Here are some of the crucial reasons why Canada is a popular study abroad destination for international students pursuing unusual courses in Canada:

  • While being one of the most beautiful countries in the world, Canada maintains its position as the best country in the world for higher education. 
  • Canada is home to world-class universities and courses in high demand. As a result, it is one of the most sought-after countries among international students. 
  • It is also evident in the increasing number of international students enrolling in Canadian universities. After completing their studies in Canada, students can choose from a variety of immigration options. This makes it a big hit with international students. 
  • Despite the fact that universities offer a wide range of study courses there are many unusual courses in Canada as well.

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List of Unusual Courses in Canada

Here are some of the most popular unusual courses in Canada that international students usually aims for.

  • Game Development Advanced Diploma
  • Artificial Intelligence and Data Science Graduate Certificate
  • Lighting Design College Certificate
  • Recreation Sport and Tourism Bachelor’s Degree
  • Music Therapy Bachelor’s Degree and Certificate
  • Actuarial Science Bachelor/Master’s degree
  • Aerospace Manufacturing Engineering College Diploma
  • Crop production Certificate Programme
  • Innovative Manufacturing Diploma
  • E-Commerce and Online Business Management Diploma
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Unusual Courses in Canada

Here we have briefly described the fees, eligibility and career prospects for all the unusual courses in Canada.

Game Development Advanced Diploma

Game Development is a three-year advanced diploma program aimed at producing expert game designers capable of creating and developing their own titles. The program will train you to become technically literate and capable of advancing the conceptual and cultural potential of games. You’ll also learn how to effectively communicate with teams of artists and programmers in order to design, prototype, and iterate your own fully playable 2D and 3D games, as well as gain other professional and personal skills for success in the industry.

Some Canadian universities which offer this degree are Centennial College, Toronto Film School, Northern Lights College and  Eastern College. Top employers of Game Developers are App studio, Ubisoft, Sony Interactive Entertainment, Activision, Blizzard and Gameloft. The average salary of a game developer in Canada is CAD $58,607 (INR 34,43,911)

Artificial Intelligence and Data Science Graduate Certificate

After completing this one-year graduate certificate program, students will have the in-demand knowledge and skills needed to design and build data-driven systems for decision making in the private or public sectors. Students will gain knowledge of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data Science by participating in predictive, descriptive, and prescriptive analytics training. Graduates will have relevant skills that can be applied to a variety of industries that are increasingly utilising these cutting-edge technologies.

Some Canadian colleges which offer this degree are Loyalist College, Lambton College, Durham College and Georgian College. Top employers of AI and Data Scientists are Agoda, Yelp, Deloitte and Walmart. The average salary of an AI and Data Scientist in Canada is CAD $88,854 (INR 52,19,528).

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Lighting Design College Certificate

Many of us take lighting for granted in our daily lives, but it can affect our mood, the environment, and our health and safety. The lighting industry is undergoing dynamic changes due to legislative acts that limit energy budgets for new construction and retrofitting. As the demand for environmentally responsible and ergonomically sound lighting grows, Ryerson University offers a certificate in lighting design, preparing students to be industry experts. Douglas College and Centennial College in Ontario also provide this degree.

Lambert & Fils, Tom Chung Studio, Bocci and Anony are among the top recruiters of lighting designers in Canada. The average salary of a lighting designer is CAD $52,122 (INR 30,61,789).  

Recreation Sport and Tourism Bachelor’s Degree

The Bachelor of Arts in Recreation Sport and Tourism (BARST) degree delves into the broad world of recreation and leisure, including tourism, fitness programmes, and arts, culture, and heritage programmes. The BARST degree also allows you to specialise in one of three areas of interest: community development, sport and recreation management, or tourism and natural environments. A BARST degree, regardless of specialisation, will prepare you for a variety of career opportunities in one of the world’s fastest-growing industries.

The University of Alberta and  Université de Moncton are world-renowned for offering this degree. Equinox, Orangetheory Fitness and decathlon are the top recruiters of graduates of this field. The median salary offered to a recreation coordinator is CAD $54,893 (INR 32,24,565).

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Music Therapy Bachelor’s Degree and Certificate

Acadia University,  Douglas College, Brock University, Concordia University and Wilfrid Laurier University are the universities in Canada to offer a unique bachelor’s degree and certificate in music therapy. Students learn how to use their passion for music to assist others in coping with stress, improving memory, and promoting rehabilitation and wellness. 

The median salary for a Music therapist in Canada is CAD $68,045 (INR 39,97,679). There are many growth opportunities for music therapists to explore and experience throughout the globe.

Actuarial Science Bachelor/Master’s degree

An actuary is a financial policy expert who creates and manages financial plans. Insurance policies, pension plans, government welfare plans, and other similar programmes are examples. Actuaries’ primary responsibility is to ensure that these programmes are supported by a sound financial system.

One of the world’s major issues is the scarcity of qualified actuaries. Companies in Canada are working hard to meet the growing demand for qualified actuaries. With the impending changes to accounting and solvency, the demand-supply gap for actuary professionals is widening. As a result, Actuarial Sciences could be one of the courses you pursue after graduating from high school.

The top recruiters for Actuarial Analyst are PwC, Willis Tower Watson, Aon and EY. The median salary of an actuarial analyst is CAD $1,09,370 (INR 64,24,694).

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Aerospace Manufacturing Engineering College Diploma

Aerospace manufacturing engineering and technology continues to be a candidate-driven industry. Aerospace engineering is a career-oriented course because it is one of the booming industries. Those who want to invest in a rewarding career and are interested in engineering should consider this option. Students in this programme learn about aircraft manufacturing, aerospace systems, and unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) technology.

Fanshawe College, Confederation College and Centennial College are some top institutions proven these unusual courses in Canada. Some of the top recruiters of these technicians are Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics, Northrop Grumman, SpaceX and Blur Origin. The average salary in Canada is CAD $80,009(INR 47,04,706 ).

Crop production Certificate Programme

The certificate programme in horticultural crop production and protection at the University of Fraser Valley emphasises practices for growing food in a sustainable and environmentally responsible manner. Plant identification, pest diagnosis, and soil analysis are among the practical skills taught in these courses. The degree is also available at Boston College, Ontario College and Cumberland College.

The median salary of a Farm Manager in Canada is $42,900(INR 25,20,064 ).

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Innovative Manufacturing Diploma

The three pillars supporting Canada’s industrial landscape are digitalization, climate neutrality, and strategic autonomy. Because the country’s manufacturing sector is expanding, so is the demand for skilled workers. As a result, a diploma in Innovative Manufacturing prepares you to assist in meeting these demands. This programme is intended to provide a variety of skill-based training. This training is primarily aimed at the manufacturing industries. Such as design, CAD/CAM drafting, CNC machining, welding, fabrication, robotics, 3-D printing, and project management. Innovative manufacturing continues to be a key driver of long-term growth and job creation in the country.

The median salary of Manufacturing Engineers in Canada is CAD $60,593 (INR 35,59,399). Walt Disney, Google, Microsoft and Apple are among the top employers of innovative Manufacturing Engineers.

E-Commerce and Online Business Management Diploma

Despite the fact that e-commerce has made it easier to buy and sell products and services online. However, it has also created numerous challenges for businesses. With the constant advancement of new technologies, the demand for professionals skilled in the implementation of e-business strategies and online business management is growing. Are you a business and technology savvy individual looking for a career executing e-commerce campaigns? This is the most suitable course for you. Industry-related software programmes and online platforms are among the courses offered at Canadian universities. This gives you an advantage in this competitive market. If you want to make a name for yourself in the global market, Canada is a good place to start. 

The median salary of an E-Commerce and Online Business Manager in Canada is CAD $78,176 (INR 45,92,273). JPMorgan and Chase, Bank of America and Nordstorm are some of the top recruiters of E-Commerce and Business Managers.

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FAQs for Unusual Courses in Canada

Which course is easy in Canada?

The difficulty and easiness of a course are completely dependent upon the likes and dislikes of the students. Yet, as the demand for environmentally responsible and ergonomically sound lighting grows, many students are opting for a unique career in the lighting industry. 

What are the disadvantages of studying in Canada?

The low acceptance rate of international students in many Canadian Institutions is a major disadvantage.

Can a poor student study in Canada?

There are tuition fees for each course and there will be living expenses as well but there are many country-specific and university-specific scholarships available in Canadian Universities.

What type of jobs is in demand in Canada?

The low acceptance rate of international students in many Canadian Institutions is a major disadvantage.

Is student life good in Canada?

Canada is regarded as one of the best international education destinations. It is a welcoming country that provides international students with high-quality student life. Universities in Canada are high on the list of the world’s best universities, offering world-class education and enriching student life in Canada.

This was a well-detailed list of all the top unusual courses in Canada. If you are looking for assistance while applying for your study abroad course, our experts at Leverage Edu can guide you through the entire application process. Call us anytime at 1800 572 000 for a free consultancy session.

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