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All About the Student Accommodation at University of Manchester

Who doesn’t want to be a part of top-ranked universities in the UK? The University of Manchester is ranked #27 by QS world rankings 2022 and one of the prestigious universities in the UK. Once you have secured admission to your dream university, the next step is to start your visa process, manage finances and sort out your accommodation.  With over 8,000 rooms in 19 halls, the University of Manchester offers a variety of accommodation options to its international students. So, let’s find out what’s the best accommodation for you!

About University of Manchester

The University of Manchester is one of the top educational institutions around the world. The motto of the University is Knowledge, Wisdom and Humanity. It was established in 2004 and is affiliated with the Universities Research Association, Sutton 30, Russell Group, EUA, N8 Group. NWU, ACU and Universities UK. Some of the most well-known courses at the UoM are Biology, Medicine, Health, Business and Finance. The University of Manchester is not a typical ‘campus’ university. The buildings are located in a way that the University weaves itself into the fabric of Manchester itself.

On-Campus Accommodation at University of Manchester

The on-campus accommodation at the University of Manchester contains over 8,000 rooms in 19 halls. The types, costs and locations vary. Most of the accommodation is within a two-mile radius of the main University building. There are a number of different student accommodations at the University of Manchester- from modern self-catering flats to traditional college-style catered halls. There are options of en suite or shared washrooms and there is constant internet availability in all rooms. Students with disabilities have the chance to avail themselves of the specially adapted rooms as well. Safety is considered very integral. This is why guards patrol the area 24 hours a day and there are cameras all over the campus. The students have a swipe-card entry system as well.

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Eligibility Criteria for Student Accommodation at University of Manchester

The University of Manchester guarantees accommodation to students if they are able to fulfil the following criteria:

  • are coming to the University alone;
  • pay the overseas rate of tuition fees;
  • have submitted an application for accommodation by 31 August;
  • apply for accommodation in subsequent years for the full academic session, and by the February deadline;
  • have met the conditions of their offer if they are an undergraduate student, or have firmly accepted a place at the University by 31 August if they are a postgraduate student.

Cost of Accommodation at University of Manchester

University accommodation represents great value for money. Residency fees cover Internet connection, personal possessions insurance and all utility services. As an example, fees for 2018/19, based on a 40–42 week letting period, are:

  • £98–£111(INR 9,800-11,100)  per week for a single self-catering room with shared facilities; 
  • £140–£150 ( INR 14,000-15,000) per week for a single self-catering room with en-suite facilities; 
  • £135–£152 (INR 13,500-15,200) per week for a single room with shared facilities in a catered hall. 

Application Process for Student Accommodation

  • Once you receive your offer letter from the University of Manchester, you can apply for residence on the University’s website.
  • For application, you would need a valid email ID and your University of Manchester students ID.
  • After you receive an acceptance into the University of Manchester residence, a deposit of GBP 400 (INR 40037) will be required.

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Off-Campus Accommodation at University of Manchester

Some of the best places which can be an option for students who are looking to stay off-campus are:

1. Fallowfield: There are a total of 8 halls that have the capacity of holding thousands of children. It is very close to the University of Manchester and is just a 30-minute walk from the city centre. There are a number of restaurants which are open till late at night. The atmosphere is very fun and student-friendly.
2. Rusholme: Rusholme is situated between the city centre and Fallowfield. This is one of the most affordable student accommodations in Manchester. A number of Indian and Thai restaurants can be found here.
3. Oxford Road: This is a very popular destination amongst students. There are a lot of spots where students can just hang out or study. It is right in the heart of the city.
4. Hulme: Hulme is home to newly developed buildings, a high standard of accommodation and a very charming atmosphere. Just a 20minute walk from the city centre, Hulme is a quieter option for students who want to live amidst peace.
5. Disbury and East Disbury: The area is filled with young professionals and students. It provides some of the best student accommodation but is slightly more expensive.

Student Reviews of University of Manchester Accommodation

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How does Manchester university allocate accommodation?

Applications received after the release of A- level results are dealt with in date order. Students who apply late or through clearing will be allocated depending on availability. Offers of accommodation are made by e-mail and applicants will normally have four days to accept the offer.

Where do students live in Manchester?

Student Accommodation- The majority of students in Manchester live to the South of the city, particularly around Fallowfield and Withington. The most popular areas are: opposite Owen’s Park, along Mauldeth Road and Ladybarn Road behind Sainsbury’s.

Is it cheap to live in Manchester?

The living cost in Manchester for international students is significantly more affordable compared to other large UK cities, such as London. In fact, Manchester is one of the top 10 most affordable cities in the UK for students

Is Manchester accommodation first come first serve?

The University guaranteed accommodation to all new first-year students coming to Manchester alone.

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