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The University of Law is UK’s first non-University degree-granting institution providing specialist, professional education in Law, Sociology, Criminology and Business. Spread across 17 locations globally along with an exclusive Online Campus, the University of Law (ULaw) also offers professional legal training and personal development programs for working professionals. The University has trained more solicitors and barristers in the United Kingdom than any other law school in the UK. Over the years of its existence, the University of Law has added many notable personalities among its alumni. Graduates of ULaw have attained top ranks in governments around the world along. In addition, they are recognised corporate leaders, professors, and celebrated personalities in many other professions. Let us know more about the famous personalities that went to ULaw and other facts about the University in this blog.

University of Law Admissions Guide for 2022

Alumni Network

The University of Law has a global alumni network of 80,000 graduates from over 103 countries. One of the largest legal alumni groups in the UK, the ULaw alumni network comprises many successful graduates. They connect the University with more than 11,800 businesses globally. Moreover, the ULaw alumni offer mentorship and career guidance to the currently enrolled students, setting them up for success. Some of the ULaw alumni come back to the University as visiting professors or tutors after obtaining professional experience. The University of Law has produced notable alumni in various fields – from automobile and literature to politics, diplomacy and sports. Read on to know more about the University of Law’s notable alumni. 

As a ULaw alumnus, you are entitled to a £500 (~INR 50k) discount for further studies as part of the Alumni Loyalty Scheme. You also get a 10% discount for the Professional Skills Courses!

The University of Law Notable Alumni

  1. Jacqueline Bhabha, Lecturer at Harvard Law School –

The FXB Director of Research, Lecturer in Law at Harvard Law School, and an Adjunct Lecturer in Public Policy at the Harvard Kennedy School, Jacqueline Bhabha is one of the pioneering alumni of ULaw. A leading academic and attorney, Bhabha completed her Bachelor’s and Master’s degree from the University of Oxford. She went on to become a solicitor after qualifying the Common Professional Examination from the University of Law in London. Beginning her career as a Human Rights Lawyer, Bhabha’s extensive research is focused on sociological issues such as children’s rights and citizenship, transnational child migration and refugee protection. 

  1. Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London –

A graduate of the University of North London, Sadiq Khan began his career as a solicitor specialising in Human Rights law by qualifying the Law Society finals from the University of Law in Guildford. Khan was appointed the Mayor of London in 2016. Before, he famously led the Labour Party Campaign in London in the General Election. Sadiq Khan is the first Muslim and the first Asian to attend the British Cabinet after taking over as the Minister of Transport in 2009. A sports fan, Khan ran the 2014 London Marathon, raising money for a local daily.

  1. Sayeeda Warsi, Member of the House of the Lords of United Kingdom
University of Law Notable Alumni: Sayeeda Warsi

Popularly known as Baroness Warsi, Sayeeda Warsi is Britain’s first Muslim woman to be appointed to the Cabinet in 2010. Warsi is a woman with many hats; besides being a cabinet minister, she is also a lawyer, a businesswoman, a campaigner and author of “The Enemy Within: A Tale of Muslim Britain.” After graduating from the University of Leeds, Warsi attended the University of Law for Doctoral studies and qualified as a solicitor in 1996. Warsi is the holder of honorary awards, including the Member of Her Majesty’s Most Honorable Privy Council.

Did You Know?
In the TV Show Stand Up & Deliver, Warsi took the challenge to become a Stand-up Comedian and did a five-minute routine for a Stand Up to Cancer special on Channel 4 in February 2021. 

  1. Darren Jones, Member of the Parliament of the United Kingdom –

Representing North West Bristol in the British parliament, Darren Jones is also the Chair of the House of Commons in Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy. He began his education studying human biosciences at Plymouth University, and went on to pursue a legal practice course from the University of Law, Bristol in 2011 and a graduate diploma in Law from the University of the West of England. A technology law specialist, Darren Jones spent the early years of his career working in private practice and as an in-house counsel. Today, he serves as the Labour MP for Bristol and a Consultant for UK’s leading technology law firm, Kemp Little LLP.

Source: Youtube – University of Law

“ULaw put everything in the LPC in the context of ‘doing the day job.’ Funnily enough, I think one of the best skills I learned while studying at ULaw would be how to make a good bundle for legislation public bill committees. It’s amazing how you find parts of a legal education coming into play in other aspects of your life or different careers.”
Darren Jones

  1. Cherie Blair, British Barrister and Writer –
University of Law Notable Alumni: Cherie Blair
Source: cherieblair.org

The renowned wife of the former British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, Cherie Blair is a celebrated author and a high-profile international expert in human rights, commercial and employment law. Blair studied Law at the London School of Economics and later completed the Bar Vocational Course from the University of Law in London. She became a barrister in 1976 and the Queen’s Counsel in 1995. A passionate advocate of human rights and women’s equality, Blair founded The Cherie Blair Foundation for Women in 2008 to support women entrepreneurs around the world. Cherie Blair also works closely with charities and non-profits globally, especially the ones working for women, children and education.

  1. Eniola Aluko, Former British-Nigerian Football Player – 

Eniola Aluko is one of the 11 female football players to have played more than 100 times for England. She is the current Sporting Director of Angel City FC in Los Angeles. After graduating from the University of Law in the Legal Practice Course, Aluko changed career paths to focus on playing football professionally. Aluko has represented England at the Olympics and played as the forward for Juventus, Birmingham City and Chelsea. She has also worked as a soccer analyst, TV commentator and Football coach. In 2014, Eniola Aluko appeared on the BBC Show called ‘Match of the Day,’ becoming the first woman to appear on the show as a pundit.

  1. David Gauke, Former Lord High Chancellor of Great Britain –
University of Law Notable Alumni: David Gauke
Source: macfarlanes.com

A former Member of the British Parliament representing South Hertfordshire from 2005 to 2014, David Gauke is also a solicitor and political commentator. Gauke studied Law at Oxford University. Then, he obtained a legal traineeship from the University of Law at Chester and qualified as a solicitor in 1997. Gauke specializes in Tax and Tax Policy, and has held several important positions in the British Parliament. He served for the post of the Lord Chancellor until 2019 and now is the Head of Public Policy at Macfarlanes. Gauke also authors articles for online publications, including The Guardian and the New Statesman.

  1. Gillian McAllister, Best-Selling Author –
University of Law Notable Alumni: Gillian McAllister
Source: curtisbrown.co.uk

Gillian McAllister is a British Sunday Times best-selling author. She began her educational career studying English literature at the University of Birmingham. Then, she went on to pursue the Legal Practice Course from the University of Law and received distinction. Afterwards, she began working as a solicitor in two Birmingham-based legal firms. McAllister did not receive any formal training in writing. She is known to write fiction during her free time or commutes. She published her debut novel, “Everything But the Truth”, in 2017. That was followed by four novels, all of which reached among the top 10 on the Sunday Times bestseller list.

  1. Nick Connor, Head of Volvo Cars (Asia-Pacific Region) –

Nick Connor is the former Managing Director of Volvo Cars, Australia & UK, and the CEO of Polestar. He describes himself as a solicitor who fell into the automobile industry by accident. Connor completed his Legal Practice Course from the University of Law in 1987. Today, he heads more than 12 national markets for Volvo in the Asia-Pacific region. Nick Connor famously brought a 60% hike in sales value during his tenure at Volvo Cars, UK.

“ULaw provides its students with critical thinking and problem-solving skills as well as advocacy training, all of which are essential to corporate success.”
Nick Connor

  1. Joshua Rozenberg, British Solicitor, Commentator and Queen’s Counsel –

Joshua Rozenberg is one of the most experienced British commentators. He is also a solicitor having honorary doctorates in Law from top law universities in the UK. Qualifying as a solicitor in 1976 after graduating from Oxford, Rozenberg studied at the University of Hertfordshire, Nottingham Trent University, University of Lincoln and is another notable alumni of the University of Law. He is the only journalist appointed as the Queen’s Counsel and is the honorary Master of the Bench of Grey’s Inn. Rozenberg is also a board member of the Law Commission and the published author of “Enemies of the People? How Judges Shape Society.” 

Life as a Student at ULaw

As a student at the University of Law, you get to experience the best of both worlds. You get the opportunity to study under professional supervision and experience the fun side of University life. Across all the 18 ULaw campuses, including the Online Campus, students can become a part of clubs, cohorts, and cultural societies. They participate in competitions, mock courts and explore internship opportunities. Further, whether you are a freshman or a Master’s student, you are trained to be a professional from day one. Each day at any ULaw campus, students can expect to have a packed schedule. They attend lectures, participate in mock courtrooms, debate cases, investigate mock crime scenes, and interact with business leaders, mentors and tutors.

ULaw Student Testimonials

There is no better advocate to adjudge the prestige of a university than those who know it inside-out – the students. Let us what its students have to say about what makes ULaw different from other universities.

“ULaw gave me the confidence to use law within business.”
– Alumna Rachel Wang, Chocolate Films

“The Online LPC that ULaw offered fit in perfectly with my work and family life.”
– Alumna Amelia Wilson, Programme Lawyer, Channel 4

“The network you build during your time at ULaw is invaluable.”
– Alumna Michael O’Neill, Senior Legal Counsel, Aviva

“ULaw offered the whole package in terms of giving knowledge and providing introductions to firms and recruiters.”
– Alumna Rebecca St. Requier, Derivatives Associate, Barclays


Who is the most famous lawyer ever?

The most famous lawyer of all time is Abraham Lincoln

What is the ranking of University of Law in UK?

As per the World University Ranking, the University of Law ranks 11 in the world.

Which is the best campus of University of Law UK?

The best University of Law campus is the East Anglia campus. The campus has ULaw’s professional training in Law and business along with a vibrant campus life.

It is no wonder that the University of Law counts many notable personalities among its alumni. Studying at ULaw prepares students for a lifetime of success in law and business. No doubt the University has been voted 1st for Student satisfaction by the QS World. Whether you are looking for undergraduate programs with foundational courses in law or business, or an accelerated Master’s program to kick start your professional journey, enroll in your favorite courses at ULaw for the 2022 intake. Connect with our study abroad experts at Leverage Edu to get started with your ULaw application now!

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