All About the 18 ULaw Campuses

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All About the ULaw Campuses (1)

Studying Law and Business degrees in the UK is an investment for your career like no other. A Law degree from the UK on your Resume makes you an attractive prospect for legal firms and chambers and gives your career the extra edge. The University of Law is one of the best universities for law and business education in the UK and abroad. Established as far back as 1876, ULaw offers law and business education for the practical world. When you arrive at ULaw as a freshman, you are treated like a professional. Upon graduation, you are a professional from Day One! The University offers a range of employability-focused Bachelor’s and Master’s courses across 15+ locations in the UK and abroad. In this blog, you can check out all about the ULaw campuses and what sets one campus apart from the rest. 

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All About the 18 ULaw Campuses 

  1. Birmingham

Located in the heart of the UK’s second-largest city, the ULaw Birmingham campus is based in the city’s Jewellery Quarter in close proximity to other universities. Birmingham has the second-largest concentration of lawyers and law firms in England after London. As such, students at the Birmingham campus of ULaw benefit from strong networking and gain industry exposure during their degree programs. What sets this campus apart is the availability of real law courtroom furniture, giving students the chance to practise cases like a professional lawyer before becoming one! In addition, students at the Birmingham campus can study both law and business courses. The city’s retail and cultural scene also makes studying at ULaw Birmingham one of the best student experiences.

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  1. Bristol

The ULaw Bristol campus is located in the city’s legal and financial heartland, i.e. Temple’s Quarter. This campus is located in close proximity to major law firms and chambers of the city, meaning that students can benefit from the University’s strong links with legal employers. Further, the campus consists of workshop rooms and lecture theatres that facilitate close student and teacher interactions. Students at ULaw Bristol can participate in a plethora of student activities, clubs and societies along with sports and moot-court activities. The best part about the ULaw Bristol campus is the creative character of the city and its rich history and culture, making it a quaint place to live and study. 

Bristol is the birthplace of the renowned artist Banksy! While exploring the city, you will see his artwork dotted around the city walls and spaces.

  1. Guildford

The University of Law at Guildford is a beautiful 23-acres stretch of picturesque parkland at Braboeuf Manor amidst a historic town in southeast England. The campus features small workshop rooms to facilitate more interaction and collaborative learning. Guildford is renowned for its pubs, bars and restaurants, along with the scenic beauty of Surrey. As such, the campus is surrounded by eateries and cafes that are perfect for the students to unwind between or after lectures. What sets this campus apart is its rich history and the long walking trails surrounding it. Besides, the ULaw Guildford campus is student-friendly with a host of clubs and societies, sports events, debating and mock courtroom activities.

  1. Leeds

The University of Law Leeds campus is a striking seven-storey building located in the city’s commercial community. The modernized building is a replica of a real-standing business firm to give the students a flavour of the professional world. The campus offers both Law and Business courses such as Criminology, Business Management with Law, Accounting and Finance, MA Law, Legal technology and more. Leeds is home to 200+ law firms. The UK Legal 500 describes the city as “next only to London” in legal culture and opportunities. The ULaw Leeds campus features a professional standard courtroom equipped with ‘video link.’ During case debates, witnesses appear live from anywhere in the world, and students can get a near-reality experience. 

As a student at the ULaw Leeds campus, you will have access to real advocacy attire, including robes and wigs!

  1. London Bloomsbury

The ULaw London Bloomsbury campus is the largest of the 18 ULaw campuses. It is situated close to the city’s legal and business hubs. Featuring a 4-floor library, a cyber lounge and a cafe to socialize and unwind in-between classes, the Bloomsbury campus is situated in the midst of London’s theatres and nightlife. The campus also features mock crime scenes and mock law courts. As a student at ULaw Bloomsbury, you get to be a member of a dynamic student community that is always engaged in on-campus activities. These activities include mooting competitions, photography contests, sports activities, criminal justice forums and a range of other interesting events.

Source: YouTube – University of Law
  1. London Moorgate

Located in close proximity to global law firms and amidst the finance district, the ULaw London Moorgate campus is a modernized, spacious campus. It features a two-floor library, computer labs, cyber cafes and plenty of common spaces for the students to socialize. The highlight of the London Moorgate campus of ULaw is the University’s legal technology research academy, ULTRA. Moreover, this campus is a technology hub from where ULaw students run a coding club, organize law and tech fairs. Exciting legal technology activities are also conducted here, including inviting talks from outstanding guest speakers from the world of legal tech.

  1. Manchester

The University of Law at Manchester is a lively campus surrounded by vibrant nightlife, theatres and live music scene, shopping hubs offering student discounts and thriving in arts, fashion and heritage. The academics at the ULaw Manchester campus is made more employability-focused as several business and legal firms surround the campus. Students can benefit from University’s professional links and gain work experience as part of their degree program. The campus offers beautiful views of the Piccadilly Gardens from the small workshop rooms that make teaching and learning more engaging and personalized. As a student at ULaw Manchester, students can participate in exciting activities such as court visits, mooting competitions, negotiation and interviewing programs, mentoring sessions, etc.

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  1. Nottingham

The Nottingham campus of the University of Law is situated in the city’s business district adjacent to Nottingham Castle. Offering both Law and Business courses, the ULaw Nottingham campus is a modernized campus with the latest teaching facilities and innovative student spaces – including a retro gaming arcade. Local firms and industry leaders regularly visit the campus to deliver talks related to CV enhancement, law practice, interview cracking sessions and a range of diverse academic activities. Undergraduate students at ULaw Nottingham can avail accommodation in The Glasshouse, a world-class housing facility with a supermarket and shopping centre. Moreover, at walking distance from the campus, students can experience the Nottingham-special nightlife and entertainment options.

  1. Newcastle University

The ULaw Newcastle campus is based in Newcastle University’s Law School. This Law School is home to an extensive law library with study spaces and computer labs. It even houses a moot courtroom where students can experience debating like an actual lawyer and a common room for students. Being a student at ULaw Newcastle University campus, you can benefit from the bustling social and business activity of the North-East. The ULaw Newcastle campus is not just a great place to study but also a place to experience culture, shopping and leisure facilities. For incoming Postgraduate students at the ULaw Newcastle University campus, the University is awarding a £500 award, valid until September 2022 intakes.

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  1. University of Chester

Located amidst the historic buildings of the University of Chester, the ULaw Chester campus is based in the Queen’s Park site. The ULaw classes take place in the University of Chester Business School building with state-of-the-art facilities, including a spacious library, computer suites, group-study spaces and learning pods, a quaint coffee shop and an open restaurant. Studying amidst the Roman-walled city, students can experience the city’s dynamic nightlife and food scene. Together with ULaw’s dedicated employability team, the ULaw Chester campus offers a vibrant student experience for all on-campus international students.

  1. University of East Anglia

The University of East Anglia is a top-ranking institution listed in the top 200 world universities by acclaimed league tables. The ULaw campus at the University of East Anglia combines the best of both worlds – ULaw’s professional training in law and business along with the University of East Anglia’s beautiful campus location. Students can become active members of a vibrant, multicultural community of 15000+ students of the University. ULaw postgraduate students can find on-campus accommodation in world-class residence halls of the University of East Anglia.

The Sportspark at the ULaw East Anglia campus is the biggest lottery-funded Sports centre in England. It features the tallest climbing wall, 25-metre and 50-metre swimming pool, an athletic track and two state-of-the-art indoor sports arenas. 

  1. University of Exeter

The University of Exeter is one of the oldest, historic institutions located in the stunning surroundings at the heart of Devon. The ULaw Exeter campus is situated in the Streatham campus of the University of Exeter. At this campus, you study in workshop rooms designed to be small to personalize student-teacher interactions – a central feature of ULaw education. In addition, you can access library resources, participate in extracurricular societies, assist faculty in editing legal publications and much more. Besides, the town features a lively cultural and food scene apart from a range of student-friendly boutiques and shops offering a rich student experience. 

As a ULaw student at Exeter, do not miss out on a host of adventure opportunities at the World Heritage Jurassic Coast!

  1. University of Liverpool

In 2019, ULaw inaugurated its classroom space in the brand new building at the University of Liverpool’s School of Law and Social Justice. Academics at this campus are coupled with dynamic social, sporting and networking opportunities for international students. The ULaw Liverpool campus features expert faculty in Law, Sociology, Criminology and Social Policy. Further, ULaw students at the University of Liverpool get exclusive access to The Guild, the University of Liverpool’s Student Union. In addition, students can take part in 200+ societies, get personalized sports training sessions, participate in activities, from dancing to music, and get access to a 25-metre swimming pool.

  1. University of Reading

The Reading campus of ULaw is located in the University of Reading’s London Road campus in the Thames Valley region. Combining a historic campus with modernized, state-of-the-art academic facilities and surrounded by vibrant student life, the ULaw Reading campus offers a perfect space to study and socialize. Also, this campus features a Great Hall where concerts, graduation ceremonies and other university events take place. In addition, qualified professionals teach classes, 90% of whom are certified lawyers. Further, by being located in a region bustling with economic activity, the ULaw Reading campus offers pro bono work and internship opportunities to prepare students for the world of employment.

  1. University of Sheffield

The ULaw Sheffield campus is based at the University of Sheffield’s Centre for Professional Education. Sheffield is one of the most affordable student cities in the UK with welcoming people. As a student at ULaw Sheffield campus, you get to be part of a dynamic student community with access to the University’s 400+ student clubs and societies. In addition, the University of Sheffield has the #1 Student Union in the UK. This means you not only get ULaw’s world-class education but also exposure to a host of social events, arts and culture fests, sports and film screenings etc.

  1. Hong Kong

In 2019, ULaw inaugurated its first international campus in Hong Kong, a commercial hub and home to 900+ law firms. ULaw classes at this campus take place in the teaching facilities of the Hong Kong Management Association. Students enrolled at this campus can take courses in Law or Business that are designed keeping in mind a global framework and focused on student employability. The highlight of this campus is the Hong Kong alumni network that consists of practising lawyers from Hong Kong, England and Wales. Students, therefore, get access to personalized mentorship and build strong links with professionals in the legal industry.

Taster Session: Incoming students at the ULaw Hong Kong campus can participate in a “Taster Session” to get a sense of how teaching and learning activities take place here. 

  1. GISMA Business School Berlin

Classes for the ULaw Business degree take place at the GISMA Business School Berlin campus. Taught by corporate professionals, academics at this Business School are in conjunction with the thriving business culture of the largest city in the European Union. Students at this campus can enrol in choicest business courses such as Leadership and HR development, International accounting, Business Intelligence and Analysis, etc. GISMA also partners with the Student Hotel to offer accommodation to international students at discounted prices.

On successfully completing a Bachelor’s degree in Business from GISMA Business School, students can transition into the Master’s degree at absolutely zero tuition fees!

  1. The ULaw Online Campus

Get world-class education and internationally-recognized qualifications from the comfort of your home with the exclusive Online Campus of the University of Law. ULaw Online offers the flexibility you need to balance study and work commitments. Signing up with ULaw online, you become a part of a dynamic online community of peers and professionals, access a massive online library and benefit from a plethora of research and training tools. Further, you are also free to access the physical campus and on-campus library resources.

ULaw CampuSwitch

CampuSwitch is a unique course flexibility option designed by ULaw to offer students the choice and flexibility to study wherever and however they want. With CampuSwitch, you can start your course at one ULaw campus and continue your studies at another campus. This also includes switching from a physical campus to the online campus, and from a full-time to a part-time mode of study. 

This unique study option offers international exposure with the choice to study at a different campus. You get to experience life in a new city and can network with peers and professionals from around the world. Further, working professionals pursuing a degree course at the University get the flexibility to balance study and work commitments. 

For the students pursuing Master’s degree programs in Business, ULaw offers “Global Rotation.” With this study option, students can complete a part of their Business degree at GISMA Berlin or the ULaw London Moorgate Campus. 

Did you know?
ULaw is offering Airport Meet and Greet services for the students arriving at Birmingham, Manchester and London (Heathrow) airports for courses starting in January 2022.


How many ULaw campuses are there?

The University of Law has a total of 18 campuses based in 15 locations across the UK, two international campuses in Hong Kong and Berlin and an exclusive Online Campus. You can choose to study at any one of the ULaw campuses and may even switch campuses throughout the duration of your degree program.

Is the University of Law in London good?

Yes, QS World University Rankings has attributed a five-star rating to all the campuses of the University of Law. A degree from the University of Law (all campuses) is internationally recognized. It sets you up for employability right after you graduate.

Is an online degree from the University of Law the same as an Undergraduate or Postgraduate degree taught on campus?

The qualifications offered via the online mode of study are exactly the same as studying a Bachelor’s or Master’s course at any physical campus of ULaw. The degree program’s learning outcomes are also the same, except for the online mode of study. 

Does ULaw offer scholarships or bursaries for online courses?

Yes, ULaw offers a range of scholarships and bursaries for online courses. 

Will I be required to travel to the UK if I choose the online mode of study?

When studying with ULaw Online, students will not be required to travel to the UK at any point in their degree program. All learning and assessment activities will take place online. However, students who wish to travel to the UK for their graduation ceremony may do so or otherwise attend a virtual event.

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Studying at any of the 17 ULaw locations or the Online Campus, students will find a thriving campus culture along with career-focused academics and professional tutors – which is signature to the University of Law. The proximity of the campuses to commercial centres of the UK and the country’s best universities ensures that ULaw students can experience the best student life and benefit from industry links. Apply now to study at your favourite ULaw campus and be part of a dynamic student community trained for success from day one.

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