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Living in the rooms/ hostel can be an excellent way to reach different lives and form lifelong friendships. Therefore, it is no surprise that many students opt for campus accommodations in universities when studying abroad. The University of Greenwich also provides good accommodation services to its students. It has around 2,400 rooms in halls on or near Greenwich, Avery Hill, and Medway campuses. The University of Greenwich further provides bus services between campuses with a separate shuttle bus between Greenwich and Avery Hill. If you wish to know more about accommodation at the University of Greenwich, eligibility requirements, and more, keep reading!

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About the University of Greenwich

The University of Greenwich was founded in 1890 as Woolwich Polytechnic. It received its first CGLI certificate in 1892. This popular institution gained the status of a university in 1992 and was renamed the University of Greenwich. With commendable performance over the years, it has achieved a top rank among the academic institutions in the world. Moreover, this university has gained the accreditations of many prominent organizations like CIPD, APS, and AMBA. The University of Greenwich has three campuses. Two of these campuses – Avery Hill Campus and Greenwich Campus – are located in London, while the third campus – Medway Campus – is in Kent, England.

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Types of Student Rooms near University Of Greenwich

There are a variety of student rooms near the University of Greenwich Campus to select from, including:

Apartment Type  Average Cost (Per Week)(GBP)
Entire place 339
Studio Flat  220
Private Room 165
Shared Room 150 

On-Campus Accommodation at University of Greenwich

Presently, the University of Greenwich takes in over 1,200 students. 70% of those in Halls reside at the Greenwich campus. Moreover, these students take advantage of the free shuttle bus services provided by the university until midnight every day during the term. In addition, the University of Greenwich adds a plethora of services to its offerings, including:

  • 24/7 security
  • Free intercampus bus
  • On-call Residential support staff for advice and welfare
  • Free on-campus gym membership
  • Access to ActiveGRE activities

On-Campus Accommodation at Avery Hill

Source: YouTube – University of Greenwich

If you are planning to move into Avery Hill, you must know that accommodation at this place is one of the best experiences. There are four galleries within the campus. The Avery Hill campus of the University of Greenwich is one of the best locations as it is the closest to London.

On-Campus Accommodation at Halls at Greenwich

Another campus of the University of Greenwich is Halls at Greenwich. You can choose to live in one of 350 rooms and experience self-catering suites on campus. The campus is located at a short distance from the Chatham and Gillingham city centres and is close to the Dockside Channel. It even houses a multi-screen movie theatre.

On-Campus Accommodation at Medway

Source: Vimeo – University of Greenwich

There are over 350 rooms accessible on the campus at Medway, which is located at a short distance from the Chatham city centre. Another convenience you will have while residing here is access to the Medway School of Apothecary. If you wish to know more about when and how you can go into student accommodation at the University of Greenwich, Dates, then continue reading!

Application Process for Student Accommodation

You can apply for accommodation if you’re more than 18 or will be turning 18 during the academic semester. If you do not turn 18 during your first year of research, you can visit Compromise Services. They will give you advice on other housing opportunities. Steps to apply are

  • If you are a prospective student, you are first required to choose a university as a firm choice before applying for accomodation.
  • Then go to the Application Status Tracker and submit your details. (Application Status Tracker is not available during the UCAS embargo period from 12:00 pm on Wednesday 4 August until 8.30 am on Tuesday 10 August).


  • Go to ‘I am a current student’ then to the ‘My Student Life’ page on the main university portal.
  • Select ‘Forms and information’ on the ‘Accommodation’ channel. This will take you to the online application form.
  • When you get an apartment in the university hall of residence, you must pay a security deposit for the room.
  • There are special arrangements for differently-abled students helping their medical conditions with utmost care. These students are provided learning and placement opportunities as well.

Off-Campus Accommodation at University of Greenwich

Suppose you wish to continue in a local house, flat, or apartment while pursuing studies at the University of Greenwich. In that case, you may connect to the staff and apply for these apartments or off-Campus accommodation.

Moreover, to encourage graduates to identify independent accommodation, the University of Greenwich has collaborated with Studentpad, an online student reconciliation service. You will find a large range of options available on the site, from bedsits to shared households.

These off-campus accommodations promote graduates searching for accommodation in the private sector to prove that they are up-to-date on the COVID-19 guidelines issued by the government.

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Student Reviews of University of Greenwich Accommodation

Tudor Court

“Couldn’t have asked for much better accommodation, very good quality and a good design. Great location on campus allowed me to get to lectures, the SU.”

Daniel Defoe Hall

University of Greenwich Accommodation - Daniel Defoe Hall

“I lived at Daniel Defoe halls for one year. My experience was great, the building is quite new and everything is very modern. The price is fine.”

Cutty Sark Hall

“The Internet is a little dodgy from time to time but other than that I had amazing experiences there!”

Do You Know?

  • The work hours of London are different from the work hours of all countries around the world. It signifies that those in London can trade with the Eastern hemisphere in the morning and the Western hemisphere in the evening. The prime meridian runs through Greenwich. 
  • Big Ben is one of the prestigious monuments in London. The name ‘The Clock Tower’ is actually designed for this monument, while ‘Big Ben’ is the bell’s name.
  • Cultural diversity is another greatest advantage and a valuable thing in London. As one of the world’s diversified cities, London has more than 8 million inhabitants who communicate in over 300 languages, including Bengali, Gujarati, Punjabi, Cantonese, Mandarin, Hokkien, and English.

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