University of Essex Acceptance Rate

University of Essex Acceptance Rate

The University of Essex is one of the top universities in the world and ranked at #411 in the world universities ranking by QS World Rankings 2022. The school houses over 15,000 students from more than 140 countries. Admission to the university is fairly competitive so if you are planning to study at a top university like Essex, you must bring your ‘A’ game! The University of Essex acceptance rate can give you a fair idea of whether you qualify for the college or not. 

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Application Portal UG: UCAS
PG: Online Portal
Application Fee 20 EUR(1,726 INR) for UG course
Degrees Offered Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree
Academic calendar Semester
Intake seasons Autumn, Spring, Summer
IELTS score 6.5
Mode of Payment Credit card
Reference Required
Interview Required
Financial Aid Stafford Loans and Scholarship

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What Is Acceptance Rate? 

The acceptance rate of a university determines a student’s chances of being accepted to that institution. It is more likely that you will be accepted into that university if it has a higher acceptance rate. Similarly, if the acceptance rate is low, the chances of success are minimal. Even if you have ample cash, keep in mind that acceptance is competitive, and you must outperform the university’s expectations.

University of Essex

The University of Essex, established in 1964, is one of the most prestigious universities in England. In the same year, 122 students enrolled at the institution, which increased to over 1,000 students over the next 50 years. Colchester Campus, Southend Campus, and Loughton Campus are the university’s three campuses. The three faculties of the university that are responsible for teaching and academic advancement are the Faculty of Humanities, Faculty of Science and Health, and Faculty of Social Sciences. The University of Essex was awarded Gold in the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) for its commitment to students’ overall development. It presently houses over 20 businesses as well as the carbon-neutral Essex Business School. In addition, the university operates 30 research institutes and institutions in a variety of subjects.

University of Essex Acceptance Rate

This is documented in the UCAS report, which is published once a year. The average Acceptance Rate is 74%, according to data from 2013 to 2020. In comparison to universities in other countries, this is fairly high. So, if you want to study at the University of Essex, you should be able to get in as long as you have good marks and test scores.

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University Of Essex Admissions Prerequisites

International students interested in pursuing higher education in the United Kingdom might consider the University of Essex. Admission is available to students with outstanding academic backgrounds who have submitted all relevant documentation by the deadline. Students from 140 nations are enrolled in the university’s numerous programs.

Application Fee

The applicant fee at the University of Essex for 20 EUR (1,726 INR) for UG courses.

Admission Requirements

To enrol in undergraduate courses at the university, international applicants must present the following documentation:

Requirements MSc Biotechnology LLM International Trade Law MA Sociology & Criminology MA Literature, Culture & Society
Course fee 17,900 EUR(1,544,949 INR) 17,900 EUR(1,544,949 INR) 17,900 EUR(1,544,949 INR) 17,900 EUR(1,544,949 INR)
Transcripts Required Required Required Required
IELTS 5.5 6.5 6.5 7.0
Essay Required Required Required Required
Resume Required Not required Required Required
Work experience Required Required Required Not required
Personal Statement Required Required Required Required
Reference Required (1) Required (1) Required (1) Required (1)
Additional None Traineeship Dissertation (2 modules minimum) Creative writing sample

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Scholarships for University Of Essex 

Scholarship Name Amount
Academic Excellence International Masters Scholarship £5,000(431,550 INR)
Indian Sub-Continent Regional Scholarship (Undergraduate) £4,000(345,240 INR)
Mauritius Scholarship Programme £5,000(431,550 INR)
Hong Kong Academic Excellence Scholarship £3,000(258,930 INR)
Iran Regional Scholarship £3,000(258,930 INR)
Indonesia Regional Scholarship £3,000(258,930 INR)
Jordan Regional Scholarship £3,000(258,930 INR)
Bahrain Regional Scholarship £3,000(258,930 INR)
Africa Scholarship Programme £4,000(345,240 INR)
International Baccalaureate Excellence Scholarship £2,000(172,620 INR)
Americas Regional Scholarship (Masters) £3,000(258,930 INR)
Friends of Historic Essex Fellowship Award £750(64,732 INR)
Essex Law Global Partner Scholarship £3,500(302,085 INR)
Regional Scholarship (Africa) (undergraduate) £3,500(302,085 INR)
Brunei Regional Scholarship £3,000(258,930 INR)

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University of Essex Notable Alumni 

The institution has more than 100,000 alumni worldwide, including some well-known figures in sectors such as journalism, humanities, politics, and architecture. Here are a few examples:

  • Oscar Arias is a Spanish actor (ex-President of Costa Rica)
  • Broomfield, Nick (documentary filmmaker)
  • Yates, David (filmmaker)
  • Kee Thuan Chye (Kee Thuan Chye) (Malaysian Poet)
  • Brian Hanrahan is an American actor (BBC correspondent)
  • Etheridge, John (jazz guitarist)
  • John Bercow is the Speaker of the House of Commons (ex-Speaker of the House of Commons)

Essex has two Nobel laureates among its graduates, making it one of just three non-Russell Group universities with a Nobel laureate, together with the University of Greenwich and the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine:

  • Oscar Arias, who received his degree in political science in 1973, was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1987.
  • Christopher Pissarides, who earned his BA and MA in Economics in the early 1970s, was awarded the Nobel Prize in Economics in 2010.

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The University of Essex Acceptance rate is fairly good but if you wish to improve your chances, connect with us today. Contact our Leverage Edu experts for assistance in preparing a winning application to the University of Essex! Sign up for a complimentary 30-minute consultation with us today!

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