Universities in Rosario, Argentina: Birthplace of Lionel Messi

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Universities in Rosario, Argentina Birthplace of Lionel Messi

As Argentina advances to the finale of FIFA World Cup 2022, its star football player Lionel Messi centres the spotlight with it probably being his last world cup. We glimpse into the life of Lionel Messi, notably his birthplace, Rosario in Argentina. Did you know that two out of four universities in Rosario ranked in at least one ranking? Compiling a list of the same, we look at these universities and the education they provide. Though before we touch on that subject, how about a short profile on the man of the hour, Lionel Messi? We are sure pretty much everyone knows about the man, but a refresher never hurt anyone, did it? Scroll below to read the profile of Lionel Messi and learn more about the universities residing in his birthplace, Rosario, Argentina. 

Get To Know Lionel Messi 

We have tabulated the basic details of Lionel Messi below!

Full Name  Lionel Andrés Messi
Famous Nickname  ‘La Pulga’ (The Flea, in Spanish)
Year of Birth 1987
Current Football Team  Paris Saint-Germain
Football Position  Forward

Birthplace of Lionel Messi: Rosario, Argentina

The largest city of the Argentina province of Santa Fe, Rosario is the third most populous city of the country. Its population is more than 11 lakhs, and when it comes to international students studying in this city of Lionel Messi, the following points can be noted. 

  • The living costs for students without accommodation are 53 per cent more affordable than in London
  • The aggregate cost of living in the city, including accommodation, is 37% cheaper than in London. 
  • Moreover, for international students’ meals and groceries, the expenses amount to 65 per cent cheaper than in London. 

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4 Major Universities in Rosario, Argentina

Rosario, Argentina is known for its four main universities. We have expanded on the same below! 

National University of Rosario

A research public university in Santa Fe, Argentina, the National University of Rosario, known as Universidad Nacional de Rosario in the native language, aims at providing higher education to students and producing researchers, professionals, and experts well-versed in their social responsibility and knowledge in their particular fields.  

Established in  1968
Total number of students  96,000
Ranking  Top 20 universities of Argentina
Average Fees  1,000 USD/year. (INR 82,500)

University of the Latin American Educational Center

A private university, the University of the Latin American Educational Center, has been the first degree-granting institution at an independent level in Rosario, Argentina. Belonging to the International Association of Methodist-Related Schools, Colleges, and Universities (IAMSCU), the university provides a range of studies and courses to students. 

Established in  1993
Total number of students  N/A
Ranking  Top 100 universities of Argentina
Average Fees  INR 209,436 / year

Italian University Institute of Rosario

This university is once again a private university situated in Rosario, where the studies began in the institution in 2001. A relatively small university, it provides undergraduate and postgraduate courses to students. Though on the other side, it’s comparatively more costly than public universities situated in the country of Argentina. 

Established in  2001
Total number of students  500
Ranking  N/A
Average Fees  INR 2,500 USD/year (INR 2 lakh)

University Institute of Gran Rosario

With a large number of foreign students in this university, it is an educational institution that provides training to professionals, promoting research and the development of knowledge. Well-versed in the area of ​​Health Sciences and related, it works to rehabilitate and provide inclusion in the city of Rosario. Along with bachelor’s and master’s, the university also provides doctorate programs as well. 

Established in  2006
Total number of students  3000
Ranking  N/A
Average Fees  INR 206,219/ year


How good are Argentinian universities?

The universities, higher education institutes and research centres of Argentina are all well-respected for their level of commitment to education. 

Do universities in Argentina teach in English?

While some programs in some universities in Argentina may teach in English, the primary language of instruction in educational institutions in Argentina is Spanish. 

Which university did Lionel Messi go to? 

Lionel Messi was not enrolled in any university, as he did not pursue higher education after being discovered by FC Barcelona. 

Those were a list of universities in the birthplace of Lionel Messi, Rosario, Argentina! If you want to study in Argentina, but don’t know where to start or how to enrol in a course program in a different country, you can always reach out to Leverage Edu experts for more information and the right counselling. In case you need to know more about such scholarships, we are always available to guide you. Call us immediately at 1800 57 2000 for a free 30-minute counselling session.

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