Top Universities in Latvia

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Top Universities in Latvia

Latvia is considered a hidden gem for higher education in Europe. This Baltic nation is also known for its rich culture, heritage, and incredible natural beauty. The universities in Latvia are known for mind-blowing inventions from jeans to solar-powered batteries to on-growing research on COVID-19. The universities in Latvia have also featured on Emerging Economies University Rankings 2022 by THE and QS World Universities 2022! Want to study in the Green Gold of Europe, then here is a list of Latvian universities for you to explore!

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Why Study in Latvia?

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So why should you study in Latvia? Universities in Latvia seldom make it to the list of dream universities of an Indian student wanting to study abroad. This is because very little is spoken of about the excellent and independent education system in one of the oldest European countries. Here’s why we think you should choose universities in Latvia:

  • Affordable Education: Universities in Latvia offer one of the lowest undergraduate and postgraduate programs to international students. If you are academically promising, you might be offered free education as well. 
  • English Language Courses: Latvia offers a range of courses in the English language for international students. However, learning Latvia can be beneficial for students who wish to work in the country. Knowing the language can make living in the country far easier because the Latvians love their language and prefer to use it over English!
  • No IELTS: Universities across most countries ask you to take an English test before you apply for a certain program. Some universities in Latvia have erased this extra burden from Indian students to promote international study. 
  • EU Membership: Latvia, being a member of the European Union, holds multiple benefits. If you study in the Universities of Latvia, the degree holds equal value in any country in the European Union
  • Engineering and Medicine: Engineering and Medicine are two of the strongest fields of study in Latvia. The country carries out extensive research in the two fields and offers expressive grants to researchers and students who wish to work towards diverse projects.
  • Student Life: The land of the symphony, opera, largest song and dance festival makes it an exciting opportunity for international students. Located in the eastern part of Europe, the country has influences from Russia, Germans and Romans. It is also a great opportunity to explore neighbouringcountries like Estonia, Lithuania and Russia!

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What is the Bologna System in Europe?
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Universities in Latvia follow the Bologna system of education which is popular across the European continent. This allows standardization and universality in education across the continent and allows students to transfer from one European country to another easily without the hassle of translation of degrees.

Bachelor’s Degree 3-4 years 
Master’s Degree 1-2 years 
Doctoral Degree 3-4 years

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Lativa Key Facts for International Students

  • Time: GMT +3
  • Telephone country code +371
Largest cities in Latvia:
  • Riga: 740,000 
  • Daugavpils: 110,000 
  • Liepaja: 85,000 
  • Jelgava: 61,000 
  • Jurmala: 54,000 

Top Universities in Latvia 

QS World Universities Ranking 2022 have ranked the following! as the top universities in Latvia:

  • Riga Technical University
  • Riga Stradins University
  • University of Latvia

There are many universities in Latvia but these 3 are considered best for international students. 

Did you know- The first Christmas Tree was decorated in Latvia in 1510!

Riga Technical University 

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Located in the capital city of Riga, the Riga Technical University is one of the oldest universities in Latvia. The major areas of study offered by the Riga Technical University are architecture, urban planning, technology, civil engineering, electrical engineering, transport and mechanical engineering. Wilhelm Ostwald, one of the founders of physical chemistry and Nobel Prize Laureate, is an alumnus of the Riga Technical University.

Riga Stradins University

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One of the best universities in Latvia for medical sciences is the Riga Stradins University. Dentistry, medicine, pharmacy, rehabilitation, public health and social welfare are the medical departments within Riga Stradins University. Many ministers from the government of Latvia like the president, minister of health, minister of foreign affairs, mayor of Riga, etc are notable alumni of this university.

University of Latvia 

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The University of Latvia is a public university in Riga which is ranked 7th best in the Baltic states. You can study medicine, arts, humanities, biology, and physics here. Many Latvian historians, poets, and writers have walked the corridors of this university in Latvia. Another field of study that has increasingly been researched here is Computer Science

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Here’s a list of some other universities in Latvia that you can opt to study in:

  • Daugavpils University 
  • Latvia Universities of Life Sciences and Technology
  • Baltic International Academy 
  • Turiba University 
  • Latvian Academy of Music
  • Latvian Academy of Sports Education

Cost of Studying in Latvia 

Latvia is one of the cheapest countries to study in Europe. Living in the capital city of Riga is the most suitable option for international students because of its multi-cultural neighborhoods. 

Study programs  Average tuition fee (INR)
Bachelor’s degree 2.57-4.28 lakhs 
Master’s degree 3.17 lakhs 
Medicine degree 12.85 lakhs 

The cost of living in Latvia is also given below:

Type of cost  Average expense (INR)
Accommodation 3000-3 lakh per month
Food  12,855-21,425 per month
Travel 1,370 per month
Entertainment 8,570 per month 

These estimates are based on popular choices of stay and lifestyle of international students in Riga, Latvia. 

Entry Requirements 

Although the requirements for admission in the universities in Latvia may differ from university to university, these are the basic general requirements to be eligible for study in Latvia:- 

How to Apply?

Latvia does not have any central application platform like the UCAS platform for UK universities. Instead, you apply to individual universities without any application limit. The application fee also depends on the university and program you to choose to apply to. 

Once you apply, you will have to wait for a couple of weeks till you hear from the universities in Latvia. If accepted, you can then start looking for accommodations and scholarships. As an Indian student, you will be required to apply for the Latvia student visa or the long-term visa that allows you to stay in Latvia for more than 90 days. 

Career Opportunities

The Latvian student visa allows you to work while you study for 20 hours a week. After graduation, career opportunities in Latvia are immense. Latvia has been an overlooked European country for decades. Nonetheless, the government of Latvia is promoting its brand so that more international students can study in the universities in Latvia and also choose to work here. This will lead to global development and trade. 

The minimum salary of a graduate in Latvia is more than INR 50,000 per month. Some of the most in-demand jobs in Latvia are:

  • Planning and Reporting Management
  • Finance and Business Control
  • Accounting and Finance Analysis
  • Treasury Management 


Where is Latvia?

Latvia is a country in Europe neighbouring countries of Russia, Estonia, Finland and Sweden.

Is Latvia a part of the European Union?

Yes, Latvia is a part of the European Union. 

Which universities in Latvia are the best for international students?

Riga Technical University, Riga Strandis University and the University of Latvia are the best options to study in Latvia for international students. 

What visa is required for international students to study in Latvia?

D- Visa or a long-term visa is required for international students who wish to study in Latvia for more than 90 days. 

What are the best courses to study in universities in Latvia?

Medicine and engineering are the two most advanced and researched fields of study in Latvia. 

What is the minimum wage rate in Latvia?

The minimum wage rate is €500 or INR 42,850 per month in Latvia. 

Which is the most student-friendly city in Latvia?

The capital of Latvia, Riga is the most student-friendly city. 

What is the worth of a degree from universities in Latvia?

The value of any degree from universities in Latvia is equivalent to any degree from any university in the European Union.

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Studying in Latvia is unheard of yet very beneficial. If you wish to explore the beauty and richness of Europe and also study in old European universities, universities in Latvia are perfect for you. For further information, feel free to drop us a comment and we will help you plan your study abroad journey!

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