UK visa processing unable to keep pace with CAS issuance

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UKVI reintroduced Priority Visa Services for new study and sponsored work applications

According to PIE news, the data provided by Enroly states that the UK is unable to keep pace with the increase in CAS issuance in this peak period for visa applications to study in the UK

Enroly operates on the ‘CAS Shield,’ which is a platform for admissions automation for one-in-five British universities. The data presented by Enroly is based on thousands of self-reported outcomes that are derived from the students who are using CAS Shield.

The data is analysed in comparison to visa statistics collected from a cross-section of UK higher education institutions that use the CAS Shield service.

For September 2022, the average visa processing time is 30 calendar days which, slightly longer than the target of three weeks. The UK has also recently earned “very good” status in a survey recently conducted by THE.

The data also shows differences in average visa processing times between countries. The Chinese applicants are being processed fastest at an average of 26.3 days but the Nigerian visa applications were processed in 33.3 days, the slowest.

Australia, on the other hand, has reopened its borders for international students and tops the list of best study destinations for study abroad. Students are bouncing back to the country with a successful first-quarter enrolment. Despite this, the demand for the UK continues to soar.

The Enroly platform shows that the UK visa numbers are up 370% from last year, with significant growth markets being in India and Nigeria, up 886% and 788% respectively.

Ollie Rae, deputy director of study operations at the Home Office, explained at the recent BUILA conference, that there had been double the number of visa applications in May and June 2022.

“We expect to get up to around 400 staff for the summer processing applications.”

Rae also mentioned that “Some application volumes are huge already. Based on information from colleagues within the Home Office, we’re working on the basis that we’ll exceed 450,000 applications. There’s about 8,000 extra CAS being issued a week by institutions across the board.”

Changes in the student route visa rule have allowed institutions to issue a CAS three months earlier. Students are waiting for an update from the UK government regarding flexible start dates or visa conditions or they will be forced into hybrid learning due to the delays.

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