UK Admission Process for Indian Students

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All About the UK Admission Process

The UK is amongst the most popular destinations for Indian students to study abroad. Its excellent education system, student-friendly cities, and top-class universities make it an attractive choice for students across the globe. But do you know how the entire UK admission process goes? With thousands of students applying to the UK universities. that will help you completely for your January 2022 intake application and other future intakes.

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Why Study in the UK?

Studying in UK is a dream of many because of some key attributes that have made this country a hub of international education for more than a century. Let’s have a look at some of those key attributes:

  • Strong Research: UK is responsible for contributing to more than 8% of world research and most of it happens through universities in the UK
  • Networking: The who’s who of India and other countries flock to the UK for a highly valued degree. This allows students to know other business backgrounds better and create lifetime bonds. 
  • Student-Friendly Cities: London is consistently being voted as the best student city in the world with the best student life. Whether you want to study in other cities in the UK like Oxford and Cambridge or study in the London Business School, the UK accommodates all!
  • Post- Study Work Visa: A lot of international students tend to grab their UK post work study visa and find high paying jobs in the UK itself. The UK has a presence of almost all major companies in the world which allows more employment. 
  • Multicultural Universities: UK Universities have adapted to Indian culture to some extent to make their Indian students feel at home and welcome in a different country. This warm environment has also been a reason for thousands of Indian students to study in the UK each year. From celebrating Diwali in UK 2021 to enjoying Halloween, students are exposed to an unforgettable student life.

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UK Admission Process

Choosing the University and Course

The first step that you take towards turning your dream of studying in the UK into reality is to shortlist the best universities and courses. Ask yourself the question, “What do I want to study in the UK?” UK is known for offering over 500 specializations and courses in a wide variety of fields like fields of management, marketing, sciences, law, and medicine. 

After you have shortlisted the courses you would like to pursue, start looking for the best universities for the same. For example, if you want to do an MBA in the UK, your list will start with Oxford University, London Business School, etc. After shortlisting your favourite courses and universities, you must check the eligibility requirements and documents required.

Proof of English Proficiency

Soon after you finalize the course and university, start preparing for the English proficiency test. As a citizen of a non-English speaking country like India, you have to give an English proficiency test that will be evidence for UK Universities that you have the vocational and written ability in English. Here are the popular tests that you can take as proof of English Proficiency:-

  • IELTS– International English Language Testing System 
  • TOEFL– Test Of English as a Foreign Language
  • PTE- Pearson English Tests
  • DuolingoDuolingo English Test
  • TOEIC- Test of English for International Communication 
  • Cambridge Exams- A set of Cambridge Assessment English Exam 

While we have multiple tests for English proficiency, the two most widely accepted across universities in UK are IELTS and TOEFL. Leverage Edu helps you get that perfect score in IELTS and TOEFL that will guarantee your entry into the UK! Enroll for IELTS now!

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GMAT/GRE and other Aptitude Tests

While you prepare for your English Proficiency Test, you can also prepare for GMAT/GRE which are aptitude tests for postgraduate courses in the UK. For certain master’s and MBA courses, a GMAT/GRE score is mandatory. 

GMAT is more accepted in universities of the UK than GRE. To qualify in your preferred course and university, make sure that you start preparing 3 months before you plan to apply. Use Time and Work tricks for GMAT to ace it. To know between GMAT or GRE which one is better for you, read this blog.

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Submit Application

Plan your GMAT/GRE and other exams only after you know what the application deadline for your choice of university is. There are two ways of submitting your university application- the UCAS portal and the direct university portal. UCAS is an option most international students opt for because it is easy to use and understand. Ensure that you apply as earliest as possible to not rush visa applications later. 

What if we told you that you can study MBA in UK, just for 14 lakhs? Crazy, right! Well, read this blog and know everything!

Letter of Acceptance 

Your nerves will shoot through the roof during the processing. The processing time is the period from application submission to university acceptance. The universities in UK assess your profile and make a decision. Whether you get accepted or not depends upon the acceptance rate of the university you apply to. If you have applied to these universities in UK with a high acceptance rate, your chances of acceptance are higher.

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Financial Arrangement

If you’ve reached this far then you deserve a pat on your back! Getting accepted in a university in UK is truly commendable as the most important UK admission process. But getting accepted isn’t even half a race won. You will be asked by the university to fill a part of the tuition fee or entirely, depending on the university. If you want to apply for an education loan or scholarships in the UK, this is the time you start applying for the same. Start looking for accommodations on-campus or off-campus to avoid being stressed about living in the UK. 

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UK Tier 4 Visa Application

Once you are done with financial arrangements, the next step is to apply for your UK student visa which is also called the UK Tier 4 visa. UK visa application should start minimum 3 months before your course in UK starts. Ensure you fill the online form with the correct details and attach the necessary documents in the English language to avoid rejection or delay. If you have been granted a scholarship or education loan, it is mandatory to attach the certificates of the same with your UK Visa ApplicationCheck out the list of UK Student Visa Questions to make your visa process easier.

Fly to UK!

Alright so admission is sorted, the visa is sorted, finances are sorted but what’s left? All you have to do now is check on which date you can fly on your visa and book your flight to UK to complete this UK admission process! Surely, you are going to be emotional at the Indian airport but when you land and set foot in UK, you feel a part of the race has been won. Make sure you communicate to your counsellor on campus and follow his advice. While you have time for your course to start, you can explore your city and chat with other students. 

Get Insider Tips from Indian Students in UK

How Leverage Edu helps you?

Leverage Edu helps you in every step of the UK admission process. Shortlisting universities, choosing the perfect course for you, IELTS exam, GMAT exam, SOP, submitting the application, visa, scholarships, and everything! Our experts guide you in your moments of success as well as downfall so that corrective and immediate measures can be taken. 


When should I start my application for UK admission?

You can start your UK admission process at least 10 to 12 months before the course starts. 

Can I apply to multiple universities in UK?

You can apply to upto 5 universities at a time through the UCAS portal.

When should I start looking for accommodation in UK?

Once your visa process starts, you can start looking for accommodations in UK. 

Which is the visa you can apply for study in UK?

You have to apply for the UK Tier 4 visa to study in UK. 

What is the average cost of living in UK for an Indian student?

The average cost of living in UK for an Indian student is approximately 1.33 lakhs per month.

How much time does it take to get my UK student visa?

The UK student visa application takes 15 working days to process. This is subject to change. 

The UK admission process can be tedious and requires a lot of dedication. When you initiate the process independently, the academic tests and the administrative process become a great burden. You shouldn’t want to start your dream like this! The solution is simple and it’s called Leverage Edu. Call us at 1800-572-000 to start your UK admission process now!

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