Tried UPSC? Don’t Worry, Your UPSC Prep Can Help you Crack the GRE/GMAT!

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Tried for UPSC Don't Worry, Your UPSC Prep can Help you Crack GREGMAT!

The UPSC exam is considered one of the most difficult exams in the country as the syllabus to prepare for the exam almost includes everything under the sun. Students prepare for everything including, verbal reasoning, English proficiency, quantitative aptitude, logical reasoning, etc. Once you had taken the UPSC exam, half of your GRE/GMAT preparation is already done.

A Look at the UPSC Prep Skills to Crack GMAT/GRE

  • To begin with, your scheduling to manage your time management skills effectively to prepare for each section is already done when you planned your timetable to study for the UPSC exam. This timetable has mentally prepared you and set you in the zone to prepare for the GRE/GMAT exam.
  • Studying for the UPSC exam has already polished some of your mathematical skills, brushed up your English proficiency and partially prepared you for the logical reasoning section. With this, you already know how to manage your expectations.
  • The difficulty of the GRE/GMAT exam is almost at par with UPSC, which has already mentally prepared you for the exam and does not seem to put an additional burden on you. You know your SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) analysis- and in which areas you need to put more effort and how to focus and balance subjects better. 
  • You also pretty much know the economy/polity and cultures of different countries by now, so it can further help you better to pick and choose our GRE/GMAT battles including which country to choose for your MBA/Post Grad application process.
  • While preparing for the CSAT section of your exam you must have taken many mock tests. These mock tests have provided you with a wide range of knowledge on the type of mathematical, verbal and logical reasoning questions asked in the exam. 
  • The CSAT paper in the UPSC exam generally aims to check an individual’s hold on the subjects including logical reasoning, problem-solving skills, basic numeracy, analytical abilities, and English skills which are around 90% of the composition of a GRE/GMAT exam.
  • The learning and the knowledge one gains after preparing for UPSC transforms an individual into a thinker and an analyst, in fact, a scholar who can easily handle the competitiveness of GRE/GMAT exams.
  • While preparing for the civil service exam, a student consumes knowledge in a very different way, opening various horizons of analysis to be applied to multiple dimensions including the sections in GRE/GMAT exam.
  • Individuals who are UPSC aspirants generally make the small mistake of not having a backup plan whereas choosing to opt for the GRE/GMAT exam could be a reliable option for people which could prove to be a great career choice. 

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Well, we hope that we have provided you with the relevant information on UPSC and how it can help you crack the GMAT or GRE. Connect with Leverage Edu for GMAT or GRE preparation and for total assistance in your study abroad plan.

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