6 Recommended Travel Writing Courses

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Travel Writing Courses

Are you the person who would rather be in different countries every week than just do a routine job? Do you feel passionate about travelling and adventure excites you? This blog is the perfect place for you to explore the various courses offered which include earning through your passion for travelling. Travel writing is being practised since time immemorial. People have been exploring and discovering new places across the world. However, travel writing has highly been influenced by the Arabic medieval literature which witnessed travellers like Ibn Jubayr (1145–1214) and Ibn Battuta (1304–1377) who have travelled more than any explorers in the world. Discover the best travel writing courses in this blog to kickstart your career in this field.

“Travel Makes One Modest, You See What A Tiny Place You Occupy In The World.”
~ Gustave Flaubert

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Break into Travel Writing

Founded by Alexa Meisler, this website doesn’t just offer courses but elaborate and interesting podcasts, interviews, inside tips, PR networks, social media tips and much more for the travel writers. The travel writing course includes monthly lessons, Q&A sessions, media trips, exclusive podcasts at affordable prices. By indulging in this course, you can secure your first step about starting your career in travel writing or blogging by the facilities and opportunities provided. Apart from these, there are also bonus trips available that give you an exclusive list and names of bureaus and people you need to meet for your media trips across the US. you can build your network along with people with the same niche and learn more!

Superstar Travel Writing

This website called ‘Superstar Travel Writing’ which is owned by Matthew Kepnes since 2008. Also called as Nomadic Matt, his website has over 1.3 million visits/year. His extensive program teaches you the art of storytelling through your blogs, descriptive writing, self-editing, etc. The author also guides you with how to get editors to call you back for your great writing, earn by writing and blogging. The program also provides you with personalized feedback and expert advice from great personalities like Caroline Kepnes (Author of ‘YOU’), Derk Richardson (Editor of AFAR magazine) and many more. He has also partnered with a former National Geographic host-  David Farley for teaching the fundamentals of travel writing. 

Travel Writing and Marketing Master Class 

This course by Roy Stevenson helps you achieve the unbelievable dream of being paid to travel and stay at 5-star resorts. His work has been published in over 200 publications. He has earned thousands of dollars just by staying in luxurious hotels! “If you want to make money as a travel writer you need to know precisely what works and what doesn’t.” Through his rigorous workshop, you will learn step-by-step how to write, pitch and sell your story, how and where to begin with writing, How to format and edit your story, how to build relations with editors, how to stand out in the travel writing industry, how to build your own online platform and much more! 

The Writers Workshop

This workshop provides you with writing, travel writing and online writing classes. It was founded in 2001 and since then many people are benefited from this intensive workshop and have become successful writers and travel writers. Nick teaches students how to narrate your travel and allow others to live it. He uses readings, assignments and individual critiques where students can gain a practical grasp of these techniques. To build expertise in this field of writing, nick also emphasis on the different aspects of the story like- character sketches, point of views and details. Through this travel writing course, you can easily build confidence in this genre of travel writing. 

Women on the Road 

Leyla Giray Alyanak has influenced and inspired many fellow female travellers to make their mark in this field since 2007, through her own website- Women on the Road. She guides women the correct way to pursue and get ahead in this field, by being objective and revealing them to a few realities. She has a free course as well as a few paid courses where you will get an insight into how to analyse your story, earn through it, incline editors, add photographs that will appeal people, how to grab the headline and a lot more! She believes that passion and desire work greatly together for a person who wants to be a travel writer.

Days to Come Online Travel Writing Course

This course is an initiative to honour the BIPOC community in the western world. It has created a platform for aspiring travel writers and has had 38% of their stories published which were written by Women of Colour in 2019. They help you develop an insight into the various types of travel writing, how to pitch your story, content writing tips, social media marketing, blogging, creating your own personal brand and much more! They provide tailor-made courses for all the novice travel writers to help them grasp the details efficiently.

We hope this blog has helped you with the various travel writing courses that can lead your way in this new field. If you want to enrol in any of these courses then reach out to Leverage Edu experts at the earliest to know the entire application process and deadlines.

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  1. Great information stated aboved. The best piece of an author’s time is spent in reading, to compose; a man will give a large portion of a library to make one book. Thanks for sharing with us.

  1. Great information stated aboved. The best piece of an author’s time is spent in reading, to compose; a man will give a large portion of a library to make one book. Thanks for sharing with us.

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