Top Schools for an Undergraduate Degree in Psychology Study

Psychology study
Psychology study

Psychology study is an enthralling and remarkable topic. Psychology is one of the most popular majors that students want to pursue today. While taking Psychology classes, students learn to explore personality types, human development, and behavior and a degree in psychology allows them to further understand how people and animals think.

A degree in

Psychology study

lets students to take up careers in diverse fields such as social work, marketing, human resources and public health programs, with more opportunities arising with an advanced degree. With a continuous research in the field of psychology and the variety of career options it offers, Psychology has become one of the most sought after and competitive programs. The last few years have witnessed tremendous initiatives by colleges to make their program more and more industry oriented. Students learn all concepts, theories, and methodologies while gaining hands-on experience that benefits them when they start their professional journey.

Below are the top 10 colleges in the USA with a degree in psychology study. Each of them offers quality education that prepares students for a successful career.


Stanford University, a prestigious research university, offers many of the top academic programs in the world. Students get attracted to the strength of the programs offered at Stanford. Psychology majors at Stanford receive extensive knowledge and training on how to become leaders in the field. Psychology classes are complemented with undergraduate research opportunities, introductory seminars and study abroad programs to ensure students receive a dynamic education. Graduates have been reported to earn average starting salary of $53,000 rising up-to $67,000 at the mid-career level.


The undergraduate psychology program University of California–Los Angeles (UCLA) gives students a choice of three majors: Psychology (B.A.), Cognitive Science (B.S.) and Psychobiology (B.S.). Along with core courses, students can opt for specialized courses in areas such as psychobiology, animal behavior, learning and memory, motivation, perception, cognition, personality etc. The program also provides excellent opportunities for research experience. Students get the opportunity to study human and animal behavior to further understand normal and abnormal reactions and tendencies. UCLA graduates earn an average starting salary of $45,000, climbing to $77,000 at the mid-career level.


Washington University offers two majors in the undergraduate Psychology program; major in Psychology &Brain Sciences and major in Psychology & Brain Science: Cognitive Neuroscience. The Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences has four primary research programs: Aging and Development; Behavior, Brain, and Cognition; Clinical Psychology and Social/Personality. Students graduating with a degree in psychology from WUSTL earn an average starting salary of $48,000.


The Department of Psychology at Vanderbilt University offers an undergraduate major in psychology, an undergraduate minor in psychology, offers a research-based honors program and has a number of other opportunities for undergraduate involvement in psychological research. Vanderbilt has a long history of providing students with a quality education through a variety of programs on offer, with psychology being among the most popular. Vanderbilt graduates earn a mid-career salary of $86,000.


Princeton University, rightly known for its excellent education, is a highly selective and independent research university. The undergraduate program in Psychology offers numerous undergraduate research opportunities, which allow students can work closely with faculty members on projects. Students take classes that study thoughts, feelings, and behaviors to further understand human and animal emotion and interactions. The undergraduate program is designed to equip students with essential knowledge and skills for taking up successful careers. Princeton graduates earn an average starting salary of $45,000 to an average mid-career salary of $94,000.


The University of Pennsylvania hosts the oldest continuously functioning Psychology department in North America. The Psychology department thus has a strong history of producing leaders in the field. UPenn is home to many exceptional programs ranked among the top ten in the country, including its Psychology program. Students learn about the mind and the various ways we respond to outside factors. Psychology Graduates make an average $45,000 as starting salary and $79,000 at the mid-career level.


Psychology study program is a popular and challenging major at Duke University. Undergraduate students have the choice to focus on abnormal/health, biological, cognitive, developmental or social psychology and take classes within their concentration. Average starting salary of Duke Psychology graduates is $43,000.Reports show that the Duke Psychology graduates have the highest average mid-career salary of $101,000.


Yale University is an Ivy League school that offers one of the best undergraduate programs in psychology. The University also offers excellent research opportunities that help students with the ability to dive deep into the field. Psychology majors are taught to analyze why humans and animals think, act and react like they do. Students get hands-on experience by applying theories and ideas to real-world situations. Graduates earn an average starting salary of around $44,000 and an average mid-career salary of $91,000.


The University of North Carolina offers two undergraduate programs in Psychology: B.A. in Psychology & B.S. in Psychology. Neuroscience and Psychology department at UNC gives a chance to students at the undergraduate level to work parallelly with graduate students and faculty members on cutting-edge psychological research. UNC Graduates earn an average starting salary of $40,000.


The University of Virginia’s Department of Psychology study has been consistently rated among the best in the country. Over 35 research labs provide research studies in clinical, cognitive, community, developmental, quantitative, neuroscience and behavior, and social psychology. Psychology Graduates from UVA earn an average starting salary of $41,000.

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