Top 8 Reasons to Study In Finland

Top 8 Reasons to Study In Finland- Leverage Edu
Top 8 Reasons to Study In Finland- Leverage Edu

There’s a saying that “to live in Finland is to win the lottery”. Incidentally, the same applies to study in Finland.

Finland welcomes roughly 30,000 students every year in its magnificent institutions. Finland tops the list in government transparency, economic stability, and most importantly education. But what makes Finland a suitable destination for overseas students? Let’s find out!

  • No language barrier

Finnish higher education offers 400 English medium programs to choose from. This means all the examinations, lectures and prescribed books are provided in English. Last year, Finland ranked 4th in the Education First English Proficiency Index. Above that, Finland’s well-educated population is well versed in English which makes the experience to study in Finland even better.

  • Isolation? It isn’t for Finland

Just like other European countries, Finland is well connected with direct or connecting flights across the world.  The most astonishing element is the huge number of direct flights available to Asia and back (including India). Finland has a distinctive place between the east and the west. The capital, Helsinki, is only a few hours from Russia and Estonia by train or ferry. With ferries connecting Stockholm and Helsinki, Finland serves as a perfect centre point for the rest of Europe too.

  • Spectacular quality of life 

Finland has a longer life expectancy than all other European Union countries.  Also, Finland has been ranked as second best country after Denmark in terms of quality of life by Eurostat. It also has top spots in categories such as Shelter, Personal Rights and Tolerance, Personal Freedom and Choice, Access to Information and Communication, Nutrition, and Basic Medical Care.

  • Home away from home

Helsinki, the capital of Finland ranks as the second safest city in the world. It also tops the list as a most livable city in the world. Outside the city, the crime rate is very low, and the greatest risk to public safety is the wildlife. Hence, you have to look out for bears and moose on the highways!

  • Make friends from nations all across the globe!

The population of Finland is pretty low, about 5.5 million citizens. Despite that, the country has a vibrant international community. International students, in particular, feel welcome here. The University of Helsinki, along with the rest of Finland, has successfully established an internationally competitive and attractive profile because of which overseas students have a sturdy network of support.

  • World class level of education

Finland constantly ranks in the top five for PISA scores. In the latest Shanghai rankings, the University of Helsinki had ranked 56. The university is functioning its way to the top of the ranking and employs teachers who are also honored researchers, making it the right choice for determined international students. Finland leads the world in futurology, and its universities are vital to the country’s efforts.

  • Easy on the pocket 

According to various websites, rent and consumer prices in Helsinki tend to be lower and purchasing power stands higher than in other popular student cities such as London, New York, Paris or Tokyo. This makes Finland even more attractive to overseas students on a limited budget.

  • A new thing to do each day!

Whatever your hobbies are, Finland always has something to offer. This is especially true if your interests include:

  • Milk consumption (their national drink)
  • Design shows
  • Snow sports
  • Heavy metal
  • Saunas
  • Fishing
  • Ice hockey

Finland attracts people from all across the globe, especially the youth. Finland has developed a world image of being a peaceful nation with a balance of good employment opportunities, government stability, and inflation. Helsinki, Oulu, Turku, Kuopio, and Tampere are the most popular cities to visit or live in Finland.

So if a beautiful career and having a content life is what you want, then to study in Finland is the right choice.

– Team Leverage 



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