Meet Ashay Bhave, a 23-year-old Entrepreneur who uses ‘Thaley’ to Make Sustainable Shoes!

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Meet Ashay Bhave, a 23-year-old Entrepreneur who uses 'Thaley' to Make Sustainable Shoes!

Ashay Bhave, the founder of Thaely is a 23-year-old Indian entrepreneur who turns trash into high-end sneakers. Ashay Bhave’s Thaely shoes which are entirely manufactured using waste plastic and elastic has won the Eureka startup contribution competition 2019 at Amity University Dubai. Bhave was able to acquire funding to work on a model as a result of this. The mid-2000s B-ball shoe design has inspired his shoe layout. Here’s everything you need to know about Ashay Bhave, founder of Thaley startup that turns plastics into sneakers

Credits: Thaley

Who is Ashay Bhave?

Ashay Bhave is the creator of Thaely, a vegan sneaker company that makes shoes out of used plastic bags. Attended the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City and received a BBA in Entrepreneurship from Amity University in Dubai. Amity University was named the winner of the Eureka startup competition in 2019. Tashkeel Design Studio, Al Serkal Avenue and Dubai Design District all had exhibitions. The idea came to the 23-year old while pursuing a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree in 2017. In Hindi, the brand name ‘Thaely’ literally means “plastic convey bags.” It was a planned endeavour that he worked on during his academic years. Currently, the young business visionary has transformed his idea into an effective and realistic plan of action.

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About Thaely

Ashay Bhave created thaley startup turns plastics into sneakers as a design project to create an ethically made shoe that solely employs components reclaimed from waste materials. The exercise’s goal was to discover a solution to the annual usage of 100 billion plastic bags which use 12 million barrels of oil and kill 100,000 marine species.

Over the course of two years, the waste plastic bag fabric was created and polished. To test and confirm the fabric, a crude prototype was made with existing patterns, lasts, and soles with the aid of a local shoe repair shop in Mumbai. This was a test to see if the fabric could be utilized in the same way as conventional leather could be using current production processes. The test went well, and the completed prototype worked and looked like a classic leather shoe. The shoe, together with its business strategy, was awarded first place at Amity University Dubai’s 2019 Eureka startup pitch competition. Thaley startup turns plastics into sneakers was able to obtain money and the second prototype was put into production.

How Thaley Startup Turns Plastics into Sneakers?

  • Thaely obtains plastic bags and debris from “Triotap Technologies,” a waste collection firm that employs ragpickers. The garbage is then transformed into shoes that appear to be quite ordinary. You wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between regular footwear and garbage sneakers. 
  • The bags are washed with hot water and no chemicals before being dried. They manufacture “ThaelyTex” – a textile composed completely of plastic bags with no chemicals – using basic heating technology. A single pair of sneaker sneakers are made up of 10-12 bags.
  • This youthful business person intends to sell around 25,000 sets of shoes by end of the following year, in this way reusing more than 200,000 plastic packs. 

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