Tech Jobs without Coding

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List of Tech Jobs Without Coding

Tech is an ever-growing field. According to India Today, IT jobs will rise in the coming years not just in India but abroad as well. There is a famous myth related to tech jobs that it requires coding. There are plenty of tech jobs available that you can opt for without learning how to code. Here are the 12 most popular tech jobs without coding 

12 High Paying Tech Jobs without Coding

In computer science, a fundamental grasp of coding is beneficial, but many professions allow you to deal directly with technology, clients, and systems without utilizing programming languages. Supervisory, support, and ancillary employment such as technical writers, journalists etc. Here are the most popular tech jobs without coding in India and abroad:

User Interface Designer

The style and feel of a software’s interface are determined by UI designers. UI designers are frequently in charge of:

  •  Visual design at all stages of development, from brainstorming to engineering.
  • Wireframes, storyboards, user flows, and sitemaps provide clear communication of concepts and instructions to users.
  • Making the user interface a unified whole by designing each piece of the website or web app to guarantee that they all work together.
  • Average Salary for UI Designers: $61,308(4,515,180 INR)

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User Experience Designer

Designers of user experience (UX) construct things with the end-user in mind. Their main objective is to improve user pleasure. The field of user experience (UX) is quite diverse. Some UXers specialize in user research only, while others may be more active in product prototyping.

  • User research entails gathering information about users through interviews or other methods such as card sorting
  • Knowing the most effective ways to structure content on a website or app is known as information architecture
  • Making design decisions based on data analysis is known as data-driven design
  • Wireframing and prototyping are terms used to describe the process of creating test versions of websites and online apps.
  • Average Salary for UX Designers: $72,780(5,360,065 INR)

Technical Writing

Technical writing is one of the most abundantly available occupations in tech jobs without coding. If your talents lie in generating crisp, relevant content. Forget about creating apps or databases; programs, websites, scripts, and practically every other type of product require a lot of documentation and content.

  • Instructions for users, developer needs, press announcements, technical reports, specifications, and other miscellaneous documents are all examples of technical writing
  • Knowing what you’re talking about, being concise, descriptive, and well-organized are all valuable qualities to have in this position. Many technical writers get their start working in their profession, but others start out as freelancers
  • Technical writing is one of the greatest non-programming careers for software engineers if you have a broad knowledge base and need a break from the tough things. It’s the ideal method to put your knowledge of multiple technologies to use without having to write a single line of code
  • Average Salary For Technical Writer: $68,555 (5,048,904 INR)

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Search Engine Optimization Specialist

While search engine optimization (SEO) is sometimes lumped in with marketing, it has its own set of technical characteristics, such as dealing with growing rankings in search engines whose algorithms are always being tweaked for the most up-to-date relevance.

  • SEO experts work with developers and web designers to ensure that SEO best practices are followed throughout a website or web app
  • Keyword research is another typical responsibility for SEO consultants
  • Working with content teams to help them create SEO-friendly material
  • Copy on pages is optimized to increase search engine rankings
  • Website analytics and PPC campaigns are tracked, reported on, and analyzed
  • Average Salary for SEO Specialists: $40,750(3,001,135 INR)

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Data Analyst

Data analytics professions are ideal for people who enjoy analyzing large data sets, recognizing trends, and communicating their findings in plain English. 

  • The function of data analysts requires strong mathematical and analytical skills, particularly understanding of statistics—the collecting and management of vast volumes of data are crucial to the job description. Furthermore, certain employers may require demonstrable programming skills
  • Average Salary for Data Analysts: $52,981(3,901,918 INR)

Web Analytics Specialist

Web analytics is one of the popular tech jobs without coding. It is linked to search engine optimization and digital marketing. Specialists specialize in on-site traffic measurement, site element goal-setting, google analytics user experience visualization and A/B testing site change monitoring. 

  • Web analysis specialists typically work for agencies that represent numerous customers,  anticipate managing multiple websites, depending on the size and workflow of the business. 
  • Average Salary for Web Analytics Specialist: $62,464(4,600,317 INR)

Enterprise Software Sales

Enterprise software sales is a very rewarding industry and famous tech jobs without coding. Outstanding performance is often rewarded with commissions and incentives, with top performers at some of the world’s largest corporations earning upwards of $400,000 per year(294,590,000 INR).

  • Software-as-a-service (SaaS) sales, also referred to as “SaaS sales,” is predominantly a business-to-business (B2B) service
  • Considerable reward, however, comes with high risk, as it does in so many sales professions. Quotas, high-pressure, high-stakes negotiations, and lengthy travel may all take a toll on family life, so it’s crucial to know what you’re getting into upfront
  • Average Salary for Enterprise Software Sales: $72,325 (5,326,555 INR)

Growth Hacker

Growth hackers are also known as user acquisition specialists and fall under the marketing umbrella and one of the popular tech jobs without coding. 

  • Growth hackers are a type of marketer who combines marketing, technology, and business development with a singular focus on user acquisition. 
  • They create and implement onboarding tactics, do thorough testing, track results, and adjust—or even discard—strategies as needed based on consumer response and engagement. To be effective in this capacity, the process must be flexible and agile.
  • Average Salary for Growth Hackers: $74,369(5,477,090 INR)

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Tech Support Specialist

If the type of support you’re providing is extremely technical, certain tech support positions require a degree; for others, a degree isn’t required. Flexibility is maybe the most important perk for many in this industry. Many tech support organizations provide flex scheduling, work from home, or a combination of the two.

  •  It doesn’t matter if you’re in a cubicle or on your couch as long as you can communicate with consumers and help them with their IT issues
  • This position requires a thorough understanding of a wide range of IT products and concerns, as well as strong communication skills
  • Average Salary for Tech Support Specialists: $40,335(2,970,571 INR)

Technical Recruiter

Gatekeepers between major corporations and technical staff such as programmers and developers are typically technical recruiters. 

  • While they don’t conduct any hands-on work with technology or code, they do need a basic awareness of the bigger technological landscape in order to get the experience required for the highly specialized responsibilities they’re hired to fill
  • A technical recruiter must have excellent communication abilities. Working in the technology industry is a plus, as is having a mature and confident demeanour
  • Average Salary for Technical Recruiters: $45,064(3,318,850 INR)

Software and Game Testing

Another dream profession in software development for people who don’t know how to code is software and game testing. This includes everything from industrial machine management software to games on the newest and flashiest gaming devices.

  • Testing is one of the most competitive non-coding IT careers, particularly if you want to test video games. Given the rewards, it’s hardly surprising.
  • Running through multiple scenarios within the application and checking for correct or erroneous responses is part of any form of software testing.
  • Bugs must be found, reported, and corrected by programmers. All you need is the capacity to take a picture or record an error code precisely.
  • Both of these non-coding IT careers might be very appealing to the layperson. A word of caution: while testing may appear to be a lot of fun, it entails more than simply playing the latest and greatest and calling it a day. No matter what you do, work is work.
  • Average Salary for Software And Game Testing:$52,500(3,866,493 INR) 

Tech Journalism/Tech Blogging

Tech journalist or tech blogger is one of the most popular tech jobs without coding. You can write on anything from data warehousing and security to gaming if your professional interests are wide. Both of these positions are excellent non-programming options for computer science graduates; they require many of the same skills as a technical writer, as well as an inquisitive mind.

  • Technology journalism and blogging encompass a wide range of writing styles and platforms. You could be conducting interviews with start-ups as well as their stakeholders. Alternatively, you may utilize basic explainers and walkthroughs to communicate complicated concepts to ordinary consumers. Everyone is looking for an audience and a mission
  • As the sector grows, tech journalism is one of the most fascinating non-coding computer science occupations for those who want to contribute from the sidelines
  • Average Salary for Tech Journalism/Tech Blogging:$49,819(3,669,044 INR)

These were the 12 high paying tech jobs without coding that are in demand all over the world. Are you planning to pursue top tech-related courses abroad? Our experts and counsellors at Leverage Edu will guide you from the application to the Visa process. Call us at 1800 57 2000 for a FREE 30-minute counselling session today!

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