The Untold Story Of Suneeta Reddy – The Backbone Of Apollo Hospitals

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Suneeta Reddy

From the legacy of “Sati” and child marriages, the movement to secure women’s rights has come a long way. Even though there is still a long way to help women realize their potential and value in society, there is no ignoring the fact that a lot of progress has been made. Women are now considered to be equally important as men in lifting the status of any country. Women have been endowed with the power to create and change the systems and thereby act as an inspiration for generations. Women with their strong vision and grid determination can do absolutely anything and bring about every change society needs. Suneeta Reddy, the MD of Apollo Hospitals serves as the best example of strong businesswomen in the country! This blog brings you the lesser-known journey of Suneeta Reddy and how she become the successful business icon that she is today!

Who is Suneetha Reddy?

Suneeta Reddy, the Managing Director of Apollo Hospitals, is one of the country’s most remarkable businesswomen. Coming from the founder family of Apollo Hospitals, she found her inclination towards healthcare at a very early age. Her father, Prathap C Reddy, founded the hospital in 1983, and currently, the family owns 34% of its stake. Suneeta Reddy is a graduate of Stella Maris College, Chennai and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Public Relations, Marketing and Economics. Additionally, she holds a Financial Management diploma from the Institute of Financial Management and Research, Chennai. She was also a part of the President Management Program at Harvard Business School.

Suneeta Reddy
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Beginning of her Journey

Suneeta Reddy’s journey began in 1989 with Apollo Hospital Group. It was through her deep knowledge and sharp foresightedness, that India witnessed the first Foreign Direct Investment in the healthcare sector. She worked hard to take Apollo Hospitals to the pinnacle of success. She introduced the international equity market to the healthcare sector. 

Women Of Power
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Currently heading the group as the Managing Director, she looks after matters of corporate affairs like corporate finance, corporate funding and investments. She has for sure put her Harvard education to practical use, thus making Apollo healthcare empire a success story that is acknowledged even by the World Bank.

A Feminist Icon

Suneeta Reddy
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Suneeta Reddy serves as a true feminist icon of the 21stCentury. On many occasions, she has been quoted speaking about the importance of gender parity, “gender parity brings clear economic dividends.” A woman with discerning taste makes it a point that all the hospitals exude a welcoming air. She has been ranked 4th in The Fortune India Most Powerful Women 2020 list.

Speaking on gender equality and its relation with the economy, she has been quoted saying, “Our economy (especially if we want it to reach $5 trillion by 2025), needs our women to hold steady and increase their contribution in both the formal and informal economy. Some data will make it clear that gender parity brings clear economic dividends.”

Other Achievements

Women are power
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Apart from serving as the Managing Director of Apollo Healthcare group, Suneeta Reddy is also a member of the Boards of several Apollo Hospitals’ Group companies, the National Committee on Healthcare, and the Harvard Business School India Advisory Board (IAB).  Fu Suneeta Reddy has also been conferred the co-chairperson of the Healthcare Sub Committee – Confederation of Indian Industry (CII).

Suneeta Reddy’s story, therefore, serves as an inspiration for women who wish to achieve big in their life. She truly serves as a feminist icon for young girls with dreams in their eyes. Her story is an example of how grid determination, with a blend of profound knowledge, can take you to places.

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So, this was all about the untold story of Suneeta Reddy, the Managing Director of Apollo and the backbone of Apollo Hospitals. For more such inspiring and informative content, stay connected to Leverage Edu! Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Quora.

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