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Study in UK Reviews

While choosing to shift to another country for pursuing your dream education, one is always surrounded by a majority of thoughts about their student life. How will my first day in the country be? How will I manage my own expenses for the first time? These are some of the questions that you may try to look for answers for. For those who are looking forward to study in UK and want to explore more about their life once they enter the country, in this blog we have mentioned a bunch of honest study in UK reviews so that you can familiarize yourself with useful insight from the real-life experiences of international students. 

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Let us take a quick look at the students who have shared their honest study in UK reviews:

  • Rajiv Mehta (Student Help UK)
  • Harman Uk
  • Sangwans Studio

My First Day in England as a Student- Experience and Lessons by Student Help UK 

The first honest study in UK reviews is by Rajiv Mehta. His channel is called Student Help UK, and he aims to guide aspiring Indian students willing to start their educational journey in the UK. Now working full time in the UK, he begins his review by stating what he felt on the first day he landed in the country.

The immigration process can be threatening for all of us, but one can easily tackle the questions with sheer confidence. He even describes that the chilly weather of London made him miss the pleasant winters of India. He states the reality that settling in the country for the period of the first month can be difficult, but within 2-3 months you will get used-to your life in the UK.

Monthly Expenses in UK as a Student by Harman Uk 

Next on our list of honest study in UK reviews, we have a review by Harman Uk. The hardest difficulty that one may face while studying abroad is obviously the one related to managing their own expenses. But through the review by Harman Uk, you can easily get some insightful tips about how you can manage your own monthly and yearly budget. He begins by stating his own expenses for things like room rent, food, travelling, mobile charges, shopping and much more.

Harman gives a good opinion on the cost of studying in UK for Indian students. He states that the UK’s average room rent will be around £ 250 – 400 (INR 24,968 – INR 39,949)  and majorly depends on the city you choose. These rents can be reduced if you opt to share your room. The next category for food states that the expense can be variable as per your choices but he spends around £ 50 (INR 4,993) amount for food. On average, you will be spending around £20-25 (INR 1,997 – INR 2,496) for shopping in a period of 1-2 months.

The next major expense would be for travelling, that you can cut short by opting for a bus pass in £49 (INR 4,893) for a particular city. Collecting a bus pass is necessary as students will be required to travel to their workplace and the university.

Indian Students Life in UK- Good or Bad by Sangwans Studio 

Moving on in our honest study in UK reviews we have a review by Sangwans Studio. He talks about the initial settling down period in a new country, UK, in this context. It is evident that the period of the first 30 days of settling in a new country is considered to be the most crucial one, thus, the video is all about the experiences and struggles around this time.

He discusses five major points including Struggles of the first 30 days, adjusting with English, education system, job opportunities and food. He describes that the feeling of homesickness is pretty obvious during your initial days. He even states that he was about to book his return ticket to India but how his cousin guided him to continue his journey in the UK.

It is best to keep yourself busy during the initial period by exploring the country, visiting popular universities in UK, libraries, jobs and much more. Another point in the video by Sangwan studio is based on conversing in the English language. Describing his own experiences, he said that if you have wondered about how to learn spoken English, then it is not difficult to converse in English language but one may face some issues due to the difference in accent.

He then moves on to craving home-cooked food while staying in the UK. He says you can easily manage home-cooked food as a majority of the groceries are available in nearby stores. Moving on to the next parameter, he states that the education system of the UK is based on more practical learning as that of India. Students also get to participate in researchers that are carried away in high-end laboratories of universities. The computer point office video is jobs. There are plenty of jobs available in the UK for international students. 

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Packing Tips for UK as a Student by Harman Uk 

Next on our honest study in UK reviews we have Harman Uk again telling us about packing tips. Bansi has decided to fly high to the UK, and you will come across plenty of advice to carry certain things in your suitcase. But do you know what NOT to carry when it comes to taking a flight to the UK? In this video, Harman describes a handful of dos and don’ts about the same.

He describes that it is necessary to carry two or three warm jackets and a waterproof jacket as the weather in cities like Manchester changes quite often. Carrying 2-3 pairs of shoes from India would be enough as you can easily buy branded shoes at lower prices in the UK. Another crucial point that he mentions is the medicines that one should carry if they consume it daily. He insists that one should carry their existing mobile phone and laptop and buy a new one from the UK if they want to, instead of buying a new one from India.   

Harman states an essential point in his video while describing what not to carry. He mentions that you might come across people or relatives who may insist on carrying items like medicines that may count as illegal items at the airport. 

He emphasizes not carrying stuff like whatever is found in your suitcase will be put under your name only. He cited his personal experience when he was frisked at the airport for carrying a bunch of Indian spices including salt. Those who cannot avoid carrying items for their relatives should ask them to pack their goods in front of you to be aware of what is there in the package. He then moves on to carrying scanned copies of your documents in a USB, and he says that one should put them in their email as USB might not be allowed in flights. 

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We hope that these honest study in UK reviews will help you in starting your journey in the country. Reach out to our experts at Leverage Edu and get expert assistance in choosing the right university and course abroad. Book your free e-meeting with us today. 

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