Study in Holland and Best Universities in Netherlands

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A small country located in the northwestern part of Europe is well known and famous for its flat landscape of canals, tulip fields, windmills and cycling routes. But very few students and people know that the Netherlands is an incredibly attractive country for international students and hundreds of them arrive here every year to pursue their higher education. Best universities in the Netherlands include the Vrije University, University of Amsterdam, Erasmus University and the Delft University of Technology. These are among the most highly ranked universities in Europe and the world as well. These universities in the Netherlands have world-class faculty, highly educated staff and remarkable campus facilities. Universities in the Netherlands are therefore well-regarded and this makes them popular among foreign students. The programs in the Netherlands are highly regarded at international level. In addition, the costs for school, lodging and ‘life’ are considerably lower than in lots of other European countries. Studying in the Netherlands will help you develop skills such as analysis, practical problem solving, working in a team and creative thinking. Watch this video by Leverage Edu till the end to know more about study in Holland.

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