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Student-First Guide to Study in Canada from the Philippines

Whether it’s academic achievement or a multi-cultural lifestyle, Canada stands out as a destination for foreign students from all over the world. The country not only has a fantastic infrastructure for higher education, but it also has a superior atmosphere in which to adjust and adapt. As a Filipino student, you may pick from a wide range of courses, do original research, discuss thoughts on current topics in your area, and work fluidly with professors (instructors) to define your professional and personal development in Canada. In this blog, we’ve covered all you need to know about studying in Canada from the Philippines.

  • First and foremost, it should not be forgotten that the quality of education available in Canada is the fundamental reason for the increase in the number of Filipino students registering for its courses in recent years. Colleges and universities in Canada produce some of the most outstanding graduates in the world. Top academics are attracted to these well-funded, internationally known schools, which provide courses geared to the changing market.
  • You may earn while you learn as a Filipino student in Canada. This enables you to pay for university or college while still gaining valuable professional experience. This is not the situation in other nations, which is one of the reasons why so many young people from the Philippines choose to study in Canada.
  • While the cost of education in Canada is greater for Filipino and other international students than for Canadian students, it is still competitive when compared to other countries, particularly the United States, Australia, and the United Kingdom. This is aided by the Canadian Dollar’s current weakness. It is important to know that the costs that foreign students, especially Filipino immigrants, should anticipate bearing will vary depending on the institution or college they attend.
Source: Youtube – EduCanada

Universities in Canada provide three major entrance points or intakes for applicants to study. Fall, Winter, and Summer are the three seasons. The most popular intake in the country is fall, followed by winter and summer.

Intakes Applications Begin Session Starting Month
Fall June September
Winter November January
Summer February April- May

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Over the last decade, there has been a major surge in students who wish to study in Canada from the Philippines. Here are some of the most popular courses in Canada.



Top Universities to Study in Canada

According to THE Ranking 2022, the best universities in Canada are listed below.

University THE Ranking 2022 QA World Ranking 2022
University of Toronto #18 #26
University of British Columbia #37 #46
McGill University #44 #27
McMaster University #80 #140
University of Montreal #88 #111
University of Alberta #125 #126
University of Ottawa #162 #230
University of Waterloo #201 – 250 #149
Western University #201 – 250 #170
University of Calagary #201 – 250 #235

Leverage Edu has helped many students get an offer from their dream universities in Canada. These universities are the most popular ones among international students:

College Location
Toronto School of Management Toronto
Canadian College Vancouver
Cumberland College Melfort
Mount Allison University Sackville
Parkland College Canora
St Lawrence College Kingston
Source: Youtube – Toronto School of Management

Cost of Study in Canada

The cost of tuition varies by the university in Canada. A list of average tuition fees for various programs in Canada is shown below.

Program Average Annual Fees (in CAD)
Bachelors 1,800 –  20,000 (PHP 71191.01 – 798403.83)
Masters 2,500 – 17,000 (PHP 98469.81 – 665336.53)
PhD 2,500 – 17,000 (PHP 98469.81 – 665336.53)
Vocational  2,000 – 18,000  (PHP 79175.05- 717232.78)
Language Courses 3,500 – 4,100  (PHP 138390.00 – 162342.11)

Cost of Living in Canada

The following are the monthly costs of living in some of Canada’s most popular cities for studying:

City Average Monthly Cost of Living (in CAD)
Vancouver 2,350 (PHP 93128)
Winnipeg 1,770 (PHP 70143)
Lethbridge 1,680 (PHP 66576)
Kingston 1,385 (PHP 54886)
Montreal 1,970 (PHP 78069)
Toronto 2,245 (PHP 88967)

How to Apply?

To begin the admissions process, you must follow a set of step-by-step instructions to ensure that you do not miss anything while submitting your application. The following guidelines go over the most important things to remember while intending to study in Canada.

  • Explore the certificate and degree programs available in your subject of interest, as well as the colleges that provide them.
  • Applying to study in Canada may be a time-consuming process, so get started on your application as soon as feasible. Transcripts and mark sheets from your academic records, language proficiency tests (IELTS Score for Canada), letters of recommendation (LOR), and a Statement of Purpose (SOP) are just a few of the fundamental application requirements. 
  • Check the university’s official website for eligibility criteria once you’ve chosen the proper subject. Academic-related specifications, criteria connected to job experience, information about the intake, and so on are some of the most important things to ensure.
  • The admission process for major institutions in Canada is done entirely online, with candidates filling out personal and academic information, submitting needed papers, and paying the application price.
  • After all that you can begin preparing your visa application after your candidature has been accepted by the institution. It usually takes roughly 60 days and requires several pieces of paperwork, so you should start your visa application as soon as possible.

Obtaining a Student Visa for Canada from the Philippines

A Canadian study permit is a document provided by the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to someone who wishes to study or continue their studies in Canada. As a Filipino student you must meet the following requirements to be eligible for a study visa in Canada:

  • Get an admission letter from a designated learning institution (DLI)
  • Demonstrate sufficient means to pay the first year’s tuition, living expenses, and return transportation.
  • Convince Canadian immigration officials that they would depart Canada after the study permit’s permitted time
  • Be eligible to enter Canada (police checks and/or a medical exam may be required)

Study Permit 

Students from the Philippines can work and study in Canada easily and quickly. They only need to enrol in the Student Direct Stream (SDS). The SDS is essentially a technique for expediting and reducing documentary requirements for study visa applications. In the Philippines, students can get a study permit in as short as 30 days. They can also present financial capability documentation that is less extensive. Filipinos, on the other hand, are required to submit or perform the following:

  • Proof of a language test form with an IELTS band of at least 6 for English (IELTS) or a Niveaux de Compétence Linguistique Canadiens score of at least 7
  • A CAD 10,000 (396292.40 PHP) Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC)
  • Payment of tuition during the first year of study
  • A first medical evaluation is required
  • Acceptance letter from a publicly financed Canadian institution.

Top Scholarships to Study in Canada for Filipino Students

Universities in Canada provide a range of scholarships to students from the Philippines. Scholarships, student loans, and other types of financial assistance are also available. The Top Scholarships for Filipino Students to Study in Canada are listed below:

Scholarship Expense Covered 
Lester B. Pearson International Scholarship Program For four academic years, this scholarship covers the full cost of tuition, books, and full residential assistance.
Humber College International Entrance Scholarships The amount fluctuates depending on each student’s academic performance. For example, students with a score of 85 to 89.9% will receive a scholarship of CAD 3000 (PHP 118887). Similarly, the price varies for scores between 75 and 95%.
Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship The scholarship is valued at around CAD 50,000 (PHP 1981463) each year for three academic years.
Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation Doctoral Scholarships Each year for three academic years, a total of CAD 40,000 (PHP 1585170) is provided to cover tuition and living expenses.
International students can apply for PEO International Peace Scholarships (Women) This prize is valued at around CAD 12,500 (PHP 495365) in total, which may include tuition exemptions, teaching assistantships, and study scholarships.

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