Honest Study in Australia Reviews

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Study in Australia Reviews

Nowadays, many students are choosing to study abroad because it is considered to be the right entry point into a bright future. But that being said, it’s a crucial decision which can shape your life in any way possible. That is why, it is often a daunting decision to make. Most students who are planning to study in Australia face this dilemma, thinking if they are making the right choice or not. Now, the question is what’s the way out of this and how to make a well-informed choice? The answer is very simple. What better than the testimony of students who themselves have made this choice and are studying in Australia? So to help you make that life altering decision, we have brought for you some honest study in Australia reviews. So, let’s go through them and make the right choice. 

Why Study in Australia?

Australia is definitely one of the most preferred study abroad destinations these days. The diverse environment, unique curriculum, extracurricular activities and all have contributed towards establishing this position of Australia. But the life of an international student in Australia can be explored the best through the study in Australia reviews of the international students from Australian Universities. So, let’s hear about student life from the students themselves. The students giving us reviews about study in Australia are:

  • Tushar Bareja
  • Nihal Kay
  • CAN D
  • Aman TV

Tushar Bareja – My 50 days Experience as a Student

Tushar Bareja has talked about his 50 days of experience as a student in Australia. For him, the initial days were quite tough and therefore he has provided for his viewers an honest study in Australia review to help others sail through their initial stay smoothly. If you want to know about accommodation, travel, food and basic lifestyle then his video could give you some insight into it all. Also, he has mentioned certain things that you should not indulge in as an international student. Like, don’t get swayed by the freedom that you will experience there and stay grounded to save money, how getting a part-time job could be tough but not impossible. So, this is quite an insightful and honest study in Australia review. 

Nihal KAY – Life of an Indian Student in Australia

Settling in a foreign country for your studies could be a great experience but that doesn’t mean it will be an easy journey. So, an honest study in Australia review would be one which will familiarise you with the struggles that you might face while studying in Australia. And this video by Nihal KAY is one such review. According to Nihal KAY, the cost of studying in Australia could be quite expensive in terms of tuition fees and accommodation and finding a job which is actually related to your field could be tough. But the redeeming point is the quality of education which is offered by Australian Universities. So, if your family is financially stable and you can manage the expenses, then it can be a really rewarding experience. 

CAN D – Student Life in Melbourne, Australia

While moving to a foreign country, most difficulties arose because you are new to that particular environment. In such a scenario getting some tips from a fellow student could be quite helpful. So, this study in Australia review by CAN D will give you some tips to survive in Australia. The first tip is to be independent, you can save a lot of money in Australia if you know how to cook rather than being dependent on UberEats. Also, you don’t have to worry about finding the required groceries and spices there because every mart has an Indian food section. These are some basic things that he covers. Also, you will get an insight into what the pay scale is there and how to find the right part-time opportunities. So, his video can be your guide on how to survive in Australia. 

Aman TV – My Six-Month Experience as an International Student in Australia

If you are specifically looking for a study in Australia review targeted at Melbourne then this video by Aman TV could be quite helpful. He starts with how Melbourne actually is a city including its weather, atmosphere, transportation facilities (free tram zones) and then moves on to talk about the expenses of living there. He is able to give 5 reasons to study in Australia. Also, you will get to know about the main attractions of Melbourne city in this video. So, this video gives you an overall idea of what your life is going to be like in Australia as an international student. 

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This was our list of honest study in Australia honest reviews. We hope these videos were quite insightful and gave you a rough idea of what awaits you there. So, if you found this blog helpful and wish to read more such content, follow us at Leverage Edu.  Follow us on InstagramYoutubeLinkedInQuora and Facebook for more educational content.

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