Study in Argentina

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Study in Argentina

Argentina is a country which has its name derived from a Latin word called Argentum, meaning ‘silver’ and which is also home to Lionel Messi, one of the greatest footballers that the world currently has. Apart from being a tourist attraction because of the country’s scenic beauty and nature, culture, wines, steaks, tango dance, football, beaches, the country is also gaining a good spot in the list of higher education for international students as well. If you want to know more about studying in Argentina, then you are in the right place as today, we will be discovering what this country has to offer for all of you. 

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Why Study in Argentina?

Let us first decode the question as to why a student should be choosing Argentina as a study destination when a plethora of other options are available. Let us know why you should study in Argentina:

  1. There is no requirement to give and pass the IELTS and TOEFL exam to study in Argentina. This is simply because the vast majority of the people in Argentina speak Spanish. Henceforth students are advised to be proficient with the Spanish language if they wish to study in Argentina. 
  2. Pleasant and bearable climate conditions which make study in Argentina a perfect foreign destination for students to pursue their studies without trying too hard to adapt themselves in a new and harsh climate altogether. Although, the northern parts of the country experience subtropical vibes whereas the southernmost part is sub-polar. Central Argentina experiences moderate climatic conditions. The country’s average temperature varies from 11 degrees C to 25 degrees C in Buenos Aires. The winter season is from June to August and summers from December to March/April. 
  3. Culture is the second fascinating reason which attracts a lot of international or foreign students to choose Argentina over other North American countries like the USA and Canada. Argentina has always been known for its fun and loving culture. The country is full of young people. Students have an option to do a wide variety of leisure activities such as arts, nightlife, sports, scuba diving, surfing at beaches, hiking, tango dance, exploring street life and street food etc. 
  4. Cost of living is one of the most important factors that play a major role in the decision of the student of which country to choose from.  If you want to study in Argentina then you will be surprised to know about the average cost of living in this country. The cost of living in Argentina is very low and affordable, especially for an international student. A student can live a perfect and decent life in this country at about $4,000- $5,000 annually (INR 2,94,062- INR 3,67,577) which is comparatively lesser than countries of North America and some large parts of Europe. 
  5. In recent years, the country is becoming a popular destination for international and young students who want to pursue their higher education and study in Argentina. Also, approximately more than 250,000 international students study in Argentina each year at an affordable price. 
  6. The country has been growing when it comes to employment opportunities both for the international and domestic population. Industries are growing at a rapid rate in Argentina such as food processing, manufacturing, construction, agribusiness, and many more, making it feasible for international students to study in Argentina. 
  7. The tuition fees is another one of the most important factors which helps students to decide where they would like to pursue their higher education. Argentina has always been famous for affordable education. In Argentina, most of the public universities offer graduate programs at either low or affordable cost or free. The private universities, however, offer graduate degrees with the tuition cost of around US$ 5,000- US$ 12,000 per year (INR 3,67,577- INR 8,82,186), which is certainly less than other countries like the USA, the UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, and other big European countries.

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Education in Argentina 

If you want to study in Argentina then you must know about the education there. The higher education in Argentina has been divided into 3 different levels which are as follows:

Levels Description  Duration 
Level 1, also known as the tertiary education level This level provides degrees in education or in teaching for teachers, professors or other professionals. 1- 3 years 
Level 2 Provides professional degrees, licenses and titles to doctors and other attorneys at major universities across the country. 4-6 years 
Level 3 also known as the post-graduate level. This level provides research oriented and special post graduate degrees like doctoral or masters in a variety of fields of study.  1-3 years 

Apart from the above system of education in Argentina, the quality of education that Argentina provides is very high and the relative cost of study in Argentina is comparatively less. Nearly all graduate and postgraduate programs are being taught in Spanish at both public and private universities. Therefore it is required for students who wish to pursue their higher education from Argentina to be well known with the Spanish language. 

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If you wish to study in Argentina, then here is a list of different fields of study that the country is famous and renowned for:

  • Film and Multimedia
  • History
  • Management and Business
  • Language and literature 
  • International Relations 
  • Sociology and Religion 
  • Psychology 
  • Politics and Law
  • Economics 
  • Engineering 
  • Culinary arts
  • Music 
  • Dance 
  • Social sciences and Humanities 

Visa Requirements 

For those who want to study in Argentina, they have to meet the visa requirements for doing so. They are listed below: 

  • Foreign students who want to pursue their higher education from one of the universities across Argentina and wish to study in Argentina need to have a student or education visa
  • Students generally enter the country’s land as tourists and then switch to a student visa.
  • Students are also required to enter the country’s territory with a valid passport. The passport needs to be valid for at least 6 months past the end date of their education in Argentina. 
  • Students must also check with the Embassy of Argentina or Consulate in their respective home countries to see and look after specific requirements and documents to study in Argentina.

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Top Universities

Tabulated below are the top universities in Argentina, which make it a popular study destination for international students. Have a look:

Universities  Established/Founded Average Tuition fees per year 
Universidad de Buenos Aires 1821 USD 1,000
(INR 73,499)
Universidad Austral 1979 USD 2,500- USD 5,000 
(INR 183748- INR 3,67,496)
Pontificia Universidad Católica Argentina Santa María de los Buenos Aires 1958 USD 5,000
(INR 3,67,496)
Instituto Tecnológico de Buenos Aires  1959 Tuition fees waived
Universidad de Belgrano  1964 USD 5,000
(INR 3,67,496)
Universidad de Palermo 1986 USD 2,500- USD 5,000 
(INR 1,83,748- INR 3,67,496)
Universidad Torcuato Di Tella 1991 USD 5,000 
(INR 3,67,496)
National University of Córdoba 1613 USD 1,000
 (INR 73,499)
Universidad Nacional de Rosario 1968 USD 1,000 
(INR 73,499)
Universidad de San Andrés 1988 USD 13,000
(INR 9,55,491)
Universidad Tecnológica Nacional 1948 USD 1,000
(INR 73,499)
National University of La Plata 1905 USD 1,000
(INR 73,499) 
Universidad Nacional del Litoral 1919 USD 1,000
(INR 73,499) 
Universidad Nacional de Cuyo 1939 USD 1,000
(INR 73,499) 

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Thus, we hope that this blog familiarized you with all the details on studying in Argentina. Want to pursue higher studies in Argentina or any other foreign country? Then you must reach out to our experts at Leverage Edu for their step by step guidance to land your dream university abroad! Sign up for a free session today!

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