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Defined as the expression or application of human creative skill, predominantly in a visual form, art is one of the oldest academic disciplines of social sciences which is predating the evolution of both language and science-related skills. As a subject matter, Art is particularly fascinating and there is a wide range of courses available to study, from the history of fine art to how to create artworks of your own. Having said that, art degrees are completely practical in nature and foreign universities provide high-end facilities to enhance the practical knowledge in students with required skills and observations. Most of the Art colleges abroad are surrounded by art, encouraging students to grow in their respective Art fields. Most students study Art with the intention of becoming artists themselves within their specific area of expertise. Pursuing an Art Course abroad also opens up your options in freelance work, or industries such as publishing, graphic design or journalism. Universities and colleges abroad like Massey University, University of Canterbury, Auburn University, University of Oxford, University of Alberta, Charles Darwin University, University of Essex, University of San Francisco and many more. Leverage Edu invites you to choose to study Art courses in the best universities abroad and find your true calling to the professional world of art.

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