Study abroad aspirants from 2022 batch face massive hurdles

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Permit delays leave international students worried

A record number of international students are applying to study abroad this year. However, the two-year-long pandemic forcing students to study online, and the wait for visas resulting in booking last-minute expensive flight seats has brought in a wave of hurdles for study abroad aspirants who passed Class 12 in 2022.

A student named Radha Osan plans to study psychology at the University of British Columbia in Canada. While talking to First Indian she said “The batch has been ‘jinxed’ from the beginning. First, the students were grounded inside homes for two years waiting for the schools to reopen. Then the board exams were split up into two terms, the first experiment of its type. There was no clarity on how results will be computed. The second term was already delayed than the usual schedule and the delayed result caused further chaos for us”.

She also added that the physical board result certificates took weeks to come, despite the early result announcement. During this waiting period, the students planning to study abroad utilised the time by arranging documents, provisional loans, and a also plan B if things go south. Although the students are applying early still they have to wait to get the final clearance till the last moment.

According to First India, in 2021, over 13.24 lakh students from India went abroad for higher studies. 4.65 Lakh students are heading to the USA, followed by 1.83 Lakh to Canada, 1.64 Lakh to UAE and 1.09 Lakh to Australia.

While this is indeed a stressful time for the students, it is heartening to see that the overseas education market is steadily getting back on track. With Australia and New Zealand opening their borders, and countries such as UK and Canada working to tackle their visa processing delays, upcoming students are bound to have an easier time when applying to study abroad.

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