What is the Student Loan Eligibility Criteria for Studying Abroad?

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Find out the Student Loan Eligibility Criteria (1)

Finance is a huge part of an Indian student’s study abroad application journey as the tuition fees and living expenses are much higher than in India. Student loans to study abroad are a great aid for Indian students as they enable students to pursue their dreams of overseas education. Yet, very few students know the basic student loan eligibility that is important irrespective of the country or university that you apply to. Let’s know them in detail through this blog!

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Citizenship Indian
Age  Minimum- 18 and Maximum- 35
Academic Qualifications  Good academic record in 10th, 12th and graduation (if applicable)
University Application Accepted with a conditional or unconditional offer by a foreign university
Co-Applicant  Parent, spouse or parent-in-law
Collateral Security  Land, house, Mutual Funds, Fixed Deposits, etc

Eligibility Criteria to Apply for Education Loans

Before applying for an education loan the first crucial step is to check if you are eligible for a student loan. Here are a few common requirements you should check off your list before applying for an education loan.

Citizenship and Age Requirements 

The bare minimum and most important student loan eligibilities are the citizenship and age requirements. You must be a citizen of India and a minimum of 18 years of age and a maximum of 35 years of age to apply for a student loan in India to study abroad. If you are not 18 years of age, your parents will have to apply for a student loan.

Academic Qualifications 

If you want to apply for a student loan, you should have a good academic record right from your high school. Banks approve student loans of those candidates who have shown great academic achievements in their 10th, 12th and graduation. If you have a good academic record, the loan amount sanctioned to you will also meet your expectations. There is no minimum grade or percentage requirement imposed as student loan eligibility by the banks or education loan schemes

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University Application

Another basic student loan eligibility is your university application status. You must be accepted in one of the top-ranking universities abroad or any recognized foreign university. This is a mandatory requirement for all Indian students who want to apply for a student loan. An offer letter with your acceptance from the university is required. 

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A co-applicant is the person who is responsible for your student loan if you, as a student who is the main applicant, fail to repay the student loan. Your parents, guardians, spouses, and parent-in-law (if married) can become your co-applicant to fulfill this student loan eligibility. 

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Collateral Security 

A student loan or any loan is granted against collateral security. Such education loans are known as secured student loans. Basically, if your expected loan amount exceeds INR 7 or 7.5 lakhs, you must provide collateral security. Types of collateral security that you can pledge or give against the student loan are-

  • Immovable property or assets like non-agricultural land, house, etc  
  • Intangible assets like mutual funds, fixed deposits, life insurance policies, etc 
  • Immovable assets or property of the third party (friends, relatives, etc)

Apart from the three types, the last one is very rarely accepted depending upon the student loan scheme. With collateral security, you can get a loan amount of INR 10.5 lakhs to INR 1.5 crores. 

Documents Required for Education Loan in India 

Documents to be submitted by a student who is applying for a student loan-

  • Proof of Identity- PAN Card, AADHAAR Card, or Voters ID
  • Proof of Residence- The electricity bill, water bill, LPG/gas pipe bills
  • Valid Passport (not expired)
  • All academic transcripts- 10th and 12th mark sheets and passing certificates, semester-wise mark sheet if already graduated
  • Entrance Exam results (IELTS, TOEFL, GMAT, or GRE)
  • Offer Letter– Conditional or Unconditional from the university abroad that has accepted you
  • A statement expressing your estimated cost of studying and living expenses
  • 2 passport size photos 
  • Previous Loan A/C statement if taken any 

Apart from this, you have to attach your bank statements along with co-application details to your student loan application. 

Procedure for Getting an Education Loan

In order to process your application for an education loan swiftly, you can either refer to Leverage Finance, who will guide you through your entire loan application, or follow the following steps.

  • First and foremost, research the course for which you are interested in applying
  • Also, figure out the exact tuition fees you are required to pay for that course
  • Compare the various type of student loans you can apply for and choose the one which covers your tuition fees in the maximum amount
  • After choosing the suitable education loan, fill up the application form with accurate details
  • The bank will contact with you all the further details as soon as your loan gets approved
  • After you sign the final liability form the bank will discourse your loan to your account

Top Education Loan Providers in India

Here are a few popular loan providers in India that you can start with while researching for your education loan.

How to Improve Chances of Getting a Student Loan to Study Abroad?

Apart from the above student loan eligibility, you can decide whether you have a good chance at getting the student loan amount that you need. If your chances look a little odd, you can improve your chances of getting a student loan to study abroad with any of the following-

  • Scoring high grades in your qualifying exams- IELTS/TOEFL/GMAT/entrance exams
  • Being accepted into a highly reputed-university abroad
  • Showing strong financial background of co-applicant 
  • Showcasing a good future for yourself with overseas education  

While these don’t form the basic student eligibility that decides whether you get the student loan or not, they are important factors a bank considers.

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Things to Remember While Taking an Education Loan

Here are a few important pointers you should keep in mind before you decide to apply for an education loan for your studies abroad.

  • Moratorium period – This refers to the time duration for which you as a borrower are not required to start paying your repayment. 
  • Loan Margin – Usually student loans are not liable to pay your complete tuition fees. Although most banks give away 90% coverage for the fees, the other 10% is required to be arranged separately by the candidate.
  • Effects of Exchange Rates – Before applying for the loan, always check the currency exchange rate of the country you will be visiting for your studies abroad.


Can I transfer my student loan for studying abroad to another lender?

Yes. Students can transfer the student loan to another lender. In this case, another lender may offer lower interest or better repayment options

Can I get a student loan for studying abroad for a short-term course or program?

Yes. Several banks provides education loans for short term courses.However, the loans provided may be for a shorter duration and can come with high interest rates.

Is student loan interest free?

No. Education loans are not interest free. In fact, student loans contribute to 3.3% of the country’s economy

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