Save Big with Student Discounts in Canada!

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List of Student Discounts in Canada to Help You Save Up

Managing expenses when studying abroad as an international student is undoubtedly a difficult task. International students have to plan and spend accordingly as the cost of living and studying abroad not only includes tuition fees, accommodation, study material costs but also food, travel, insurance, books, and shopping! But did you know that there are many restaurants and stores across Canada that offer discounts, promo codes, and offers just for students! If you are wondering how you can save up money and reduce your cost of living abroad then here are some amazing student discounts in Canada!

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Student Saving Cards 

Here are some student-oriented cards and memberships to help you get student discounts in Canada:

Student Price Card

SPC or Student Price Card is specially made for students. It provides discounts, contests and special limited-time offers at participating retailers across Canada to make it more affordable for students to live in Canada. Students can find at least 10-20% discount on more than 450 partner stores under SPC offers. The best part is the affordable one-year membership price of this card, which is just $10.


If you’re enrolled in a CIBC student or CIBC Youth Bank Account then you’re eligible to get a free SPC membership and access to SPC+ deals.


The International Student Identity Card or ISIC is a membership card that allows students to access student discounts in Canada and around the world. This is the only internationally-recognized student ID. ISIC allows international students to access  40,000+ discounts on expenses such as travel, entertainment, and shopping. ISIC virtual membership costs $20 for a year and 130 countries around the world accept it. Or you can purchase a plastic ISIC for an additional fee of $5.

Retail Discounts

More than 25 student discounts are available for international students across Canada in various retail stores. Some of the Retail Discounts are mentioned below:


Students who hold an SPC membership are eligible for a 15% discount on sale-priced and regular items at 1850.


Adidas offers the following mentioned discounts to students who are SPC members:

  • 25% off- Full-priced Adidas Items
  • 15% off- On sale Adidas Items

Students who hold an SPC+ membership are offered a 30% discount.

*These discounts are available for online orders only.

American Eagle

American  Eagle offers a  10%  student discount to students who are  SPC members and the discount is available both for in-store and online shopping.


You can get a 10% discount for purchases made in-store or online. 


Gap Canada offers discounts such as free shipping on orders over $50 and free returns on all purchases to those students who possess a valid digital SPC.


Students holding SPC membership are offered a  10%  student discount on their online purchase at  H&M. 


If you have a valid  SPC  membership, then you can get an offer of 15% on Levi’s online or in-store purchases *Remember that in-store discounts are available at select Levi’s outlets only.


A discount of 15% is available at the Nike Store in Vancouver, Canada to international students who are signed up with SPC. This discount is available for regular price purchases only and is not eligible for other Nike loyalty discounts.

Old  Navy

Old Navy in Canada offers a discount of free shipping on all purchases made by SPC members over $50 and free return service is also available for all purchases.


Puma, Canada  offers  the following student discounts: 

  • SPC Members- 15% off
  • SPC+ Members- 20% off


Students who are ISIC  members can get a  20%  student discount at  Reitmans if they purchase online. This student discount is available for all regular price items except for the  R-Line and  R-Essentials.

Travelling Discounts

Air Canada

Full-time students who have Aeroplan  membership are eligible to get  50%  off on base fares for select domestic flights.

If you hold an SPC membership you can  save up  to  50%  on travel deals on if you create an account and verify your student status.

Choice  Hotels

If you hold a valid  ISIC then you can get up to  15%  off on room rates at  Choice  Hotels that are located in  Canada.

Flight  Centre

Students who are SPC cardholders can get a  $50  student discount on flight  &  hotel packages and $150  off  on specific flight  &  tour  packages.


Students holding a  valid  SPC  membership are eligible to get a  10%  student discount on select Viator tours and travel packages. *No minimum order is required for this student discount.

Discounts on Gadgets

Some other student discounts available for international students are:


If you’re an Apple fan, then you’ll definitely love this student discount. You can save up to  $250  on select  MacBooks,  iPads, and other devices if you make a purchase at an Apple Store in Canada.  You may also get a free pair of  AirPods and a discount of 20% on AppleCare+ services.


Students who can show valid proof of enrollment are offered discounts on desktops,  printers, laptops, monitors, and computer accessories at the  HP Store in Canada.


Lenovo, Canada is offering a 5% additional discount on laptops, tablets, desktops, and other devices to students. 


You can get a student discount of 10%  on select  Samsung devices when you sign up for an  SPC membership.

Food Discounts

Some student discounts available for food, restaurant, and bars are mentioned below: 

Bhai’s Indian Canteen

This discount is a boon for Indian students who miss having Indian food in Canada. Bhai’s  Indian  Canteen, Richmond Hill,  Ontario offers a discount of 10% to students if they have a valid  SPC  digital card.


You can get a discount of 10% on your total bill at participating Subway locations in Canada.


By showing your valid student ID, you can get a Value Meal with a 10% discount.

Burger  King

Students holding a  valid  SPC  membership can get up to 10%  off on any  Burger  Meal combo meal at participating Burger King franchises in  Canada.


KFC offers a  10%  student discount on  Big  Box Meals to students who possess a valid digital SPC at participating KFC restaurants in  Canada.

Papa  John’s  Pizza

Students who are SPC  members can get a  25%  student discount at  Papa  John’s Pizza. This discount is only available for regular-priced items at Papa John’s Pizza. Unfortunately, this offer is not valid in Ontario.

Pizza Hut

Students with SPC membership can get  10%  off on regular-priced items at  Pizza  Hut. This offer is only available for dine-in and carryout orders.

Taco Bell

SPC  membership holders can get a free fries supreme upgrade. However, this student discount is only available for combo meal purchases of  $6.99  and above at participating Taco Bell locations in  Canada.

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Discounts on Cosmetics

Some cosmetics student discounts are available for students as mentioned below:

MAC Cosmetics

MAC  Cosmetics in Canada is offering a 15%  discount on any online purchase made by students who hold an SPC  membership.

Urban Decay

Urban  Decay, Canada offers a student discount of 15% to students who are SPC  members and hold valid digital cards.  This offer is only available for select online purchases.

Remember to carry along your official student ID card whenever you’re shopping in Canada, because some stores may offer discounts that aren’t posted online. Hopefully, this blog has helped you know about student discounts available across Canada. You can visit the respective brand’s official website for more details.

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