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One of the most important tasks in your study abroad journey after getting your offer letter is to get your accommodations done. If you are planning to get admitted to a German University, finding student accommodation in Germany is very important while you sort them out according to your preferences and needs. It is crucial to note that most German Universities have abolished tuition fees, so you will have a bigger budget for your accommodations in Germany. Even then, it is always an advantage to plan your accommodation type and budget beforehand. Students usually find it hard to choose the right accommodation for themselves because not every university offers on-campus accommodations. In order to ease your research on accommodations in Germany, we have structured this blog with all the necessary information you may require to finalise your decision.

When should you start looking for accommodation?

Finding a decent living space can be quite complicated for international students who are out of Germany at that moment. Hence, many students refer to online websites and Facebook groups to look for accommodations. When it comes to on-campus accommodation, students usually register them from university websites. Hence, as soon as you get your admission status confirmed, you should start looking for the right accommodation. To get an ideal place to stay in Germany it is recommended to start finding your accommodation from the starting of your course in the Summer Semester. 

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How to apply for Student Accommodations in Germany?

For Residence Halls

  1. Submit the online application on the web page of the specific student union.
  2. The student will receive an email and a deadline to submit the matriculation certificate.
  3. Submit the matriculation certificate. 
  4. The student will receive an early notice mentioning an offer for staying in the available place.
  5. The student will accept the offer by replying to the email.

Tips for finding student accommodations in Germany

  1. Start Early – Start looking for the accomodation early so that you get enough time to look at your options and avoid making rushed decisions.
  2. Share a flat  – Try to go for a shared flat rather than going for a Private 1 Room flat. This way you can manage your budget well and also you can socialize more with people. Socializing with others helps international students cure their loneliness.
  3. Be Aware – When you are all alone abroad, you should be more careful of the scams. Always keep in mind to not pay money without signing a contract. 

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Types of Student Accommodation in Germany

There are two major types of Student accommodation you can get in Germany:

  • Student Residences – Also known as Residence Halls, Student Residences are the most affordable student accommodation options. Residence halls are basically shared accommodations where students live in the same place and share the same kitchen and bathroom. Residence Halls may vary for different cities in Germany. The difference may only be in terms of building structures, room designs or even the furnishing. Residence halls are located near the respective universities. Residence Halls are generally affordable in comparison to other kinds of accommodations. This is the reason why international students prefer Residence Halls over private accommodations. Almost 40% of international students are said to live in Residence Halls in Germany. But it is to be kept in mind that student halls of residence in Germany allow students to live for a specific period of time i.e the duration of the study program. After the completion of the program, you will actually have to look for other accommodations; may be private.
  • Private Accommodations – Students have plenty of options for private house accommodations. Private Accommodations may cost more than on campus student accommodations but are perfect for those students who want to live with privacy and on their own. Keeping aside the advantages of living in private accommodations, students should also be aware of the fact that they will have to pay the cost of rent and other essentials on their own. For renting private accommodations, students can check websites for private accommodations.

Other Student Accommodations in Germany

  • Flatshares – Flatshares are spacious rooms for around 3-4 students. Each student gets their own room but is supposed to share the living room, bathroom and kitchen obviously. Students also need to share the cost of rent and other essentials. Flatshares are more affordable and give more privacy as compared to the Residence Halls. Students also get to choose whom they are going to share the accommodations with.
  • Short-Stay Accommodation – Students can also go for Short-Stay Accommodation, in case you are only supposed to stay in Germany for a short span of time because some students like to move to Germany first and then look for other accommodation options. Short-Stay Accomodations are generally a room in a hostel, a private B&B which is quite popular nowadays.

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Where to Stay during your first days in Germany as a Student?

If you are one of them, who has decided to get to Germany first and then search for your living accommodation, then you will need at least a few days to find one. You will be needing a temporary place to stay while you are going for house viewings and attending your orientation week at college. In this situation you can refer to the following living situations in  Germany:

  • Cheap Hotels
  • Low-Cost Hostels
  • Youth Hostels – in these kinds of hostels you have to be a part of the national association of the International Youth Hostel Federation by paying a small registration fee.
  • Private B&B
  • Guest Houses

Average Cost of Living in Student Accomodation in Germany 

The average cost of living in Student Accommodation in Germany depends upon the Types of Student Accommodation you wish to choose. The table below mentions the average cost of Living in Student accommodation in Germany:

Type of Accommodation Average Cost  In INR
Residence Halls EUR 250 – EUR 350 INR 21,345 – INR 29,885
Flatshares EUR 430 – EUR 700 INR 36,716 – INR 59,773
Private Accommodation EUR 750 – EUR 850 INR 64,043 – INR 72,581
Credits: Nayatanaya

Average cost of Rent in top cities in Germany

The average cost of living in private accommodation in the top cities in Germany is mentioned in the table below:

City Average Amount In INR
Berlin EUR 925 INR 79,002
Hamburg EUR 963 INR 82,237
Munich EUR 1,311 INR 1,11,955
Frankfurt EUR 1,049 INR 89,591
Stuttgart EUR 928 INR 79,257

*Check our Leverage Edu Cost of Living Calculator for a more detailed breakdown of expenses in Germany. 

On-Campus vs Off-Campus

On-Campus Accommodations  Off-Campus Accommodations
Affordable, Less Privacy, Free of cost utilities, limited Period of Stay Expensive, More Privacy, Pay for rent, food, WiFi bills, electricity etc.
How long can I stay in a student Residence hall?

You can stay in a student Residence Hall till the end of your course duration.

Which is the cheapest city for international students in Germany?

Hamburg is one of the cheapest cities to live in for international students.

Do I have to pay for the internet if I choose to stay in the on-campus accommodation?

No, it is all included in the monthly rent.

If you are planning to pursue your higher studies in Germany and are confused about your accommodation situation, our experts at Leverage Edu are ever ready to assist you in your endeavour. To get a free consultation from us call us at 1800 572 000!

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