STEM Courses in Canada

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Stem Courses in Canada

Are you planning to pursue further studies abroad? Then Canada is probably one of the best places that could be on your consideration list. Students often wish to apply for STEM courses abroad, and while choosing among different countries, they consider studying in Canada as one of their top study destinations. This blog brings you a complete guide on STEM courses in Canada, top universities, fees, application and more!

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Why Study in Canada? 

Right from quality education to the world-class facilities, it has to offer, Canada is considered to be one of the best options for students planning to apply abroad. Education in Canada is mostly public-funded. However, like other countries, there are several private universities as well. Three degrees offered by the Canadian Education System are Bachelor’s, Masters and Doctorate. There are usually three intakes in Canada like the American Education System – Fall, Winter and Summer.

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What are Stem Courses?

STEM degrees are nothing but Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics courses. These courses require research and reasoning to solve problems and could lead to diverse career paths in multiple fields. Since STEM courses deal with an applied, multi-subject approach to education, students graduate with an in-demand set of skills. There are many STEM courses in Canada offered by colleges and universities and it often becomes difficult for students to choose from the multiple options offered to them.

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Courses Under STEM 

In a graduate program in biology, a candidate can choose from the following subjects:

Graduate programs in Statistics too offer a list of courses to choose from. Mentioned below are few of the top courses a candidate can choose from in Statistics:

  • Probability
  • Stochastic Processes
  • Regression
  • Statistical Machine Learning
  • Generalized Linear Models

We have listed some of the most popular STEM Courses in Canada in this blog. Read on to find out more.

Computer Networking and Technical Support – St. Lawrence College, Kingston

St. Lawrence College’s Computer Networking and Technical Support course are ideal for students who love working with computers but aren’t really inclined towards advanced math or physics. This diploma course is a blend of bleeding edge and traditional technologies. It also offers on-the-job training with a local company in the final semester.

The program’s blended mode of course prepares students for a technical support role in many fields. These roles include in the fields of client/server computing, enterprise networks, administration, and internet management.

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Wireless Information Networking – Fleming College, Peterborough

We are heavily reliant on wireless information networking for our various needs in day to day lives. Through this Wireless Information Networking Course offered by Fleming College, students are put to this whole system’s actual groundwork. Located in Peterborough, Ontario and spread over 200 acres of green space, Fleming College offers world-class learning and teaching facilities.

The Wireless Information Networking course is designed keeping in mind the foundation taught in Computer Engineering, Security, and Instrumentation.

After completing graduation, students will have skills and knowledge in areas like cloud computing, server technology, and many more. With so many added benefits, it goes without saying that this course is one of the best STEM Courses in Canada.

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Health Systems Management – Fanshawe College, London, Ontario

Fanshawe’s Health Systems Management program is one of the most popular and in-demand STEM courses in Canada. It prepares students for a career in the Health Administration and e-health field. Upon completing the eight-months program at Fanshawe College, students have superior skills in health technologies. Digital imaging concepts and protocol analysis.

Software and Information Systems Testing – Fanshawe College (Downtown), London

Software and Information Systems Testing is another popular STEM course offered by Fanshawe College, London, Ontario. Through this program, a broad set of in-demand skills in the software and hardware testing field is inculcated in students. This eight months program also comes with the added advantage of a four month co-op term to help students graduate not just with a degree but also practical experience, which helps in shaping their career.

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This was all about the most popular STEM Courses in Canada. Wish to apply and confused about the application process? Well, worry not, as our Leverage Edu experts are here to guide you through! Sign up for a free session today!

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