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Static GK

Staying abreast with basic General Knowledge topics has an important role to play when it comes to cracking prestigious competitive exams. Being informed about world happenings will not only improve your knowledge bank but will also help you in clearing an array of entrance examinations across various sectors. Moreover, scores of companies nowadays also test candidates’ dynamic and static GK knowledge during the personal interview round. Thus, staying updated with current affairs and general knowledge related topics on a regular basis will save ample time and you can invest more time on difficult questions or sections. This blog will take you through the static GK topics that you should keep a tap on in order to crack job interviews or entrance tests with flying colours!

What is Static GK All About?  

Static GK is all about basic general knowledge facts which are invariable in nature. These invariable facts include establishment dates, places, important days, sports, currencies, dances, census information, people, etc. It’s more like a history subject which is always constant and unchanged. The reason why one should be accustomed to Static GK is that there are various competitive examinations like SSC, insurance agency tests, bank exams, other government institute tests, UPSC exams, etc which frame a wide range of questions from this section. 

Important Topics 

Now that you are familiar with what this section entails, let us go through the essential Static GK topics you need to take into account:

  • Census of India 2011
  • RBI Governors 
  • List of Governors-General of India
  • List of Mughal Emperors
  • Sources of Indian Constitution
  • Presidents of India
  • List of Vice-Presidents of India
  • Prominent Gardens
  • Important Summits & Conferences 
  • Stadiums in India
  • Banking Acts & Reforms
  • Space Centre and Space Agencies 
  • Important Banking Terms
  • Bird Sanctuaries in India
  • Dams in India
  • Government Schemes and Policies
  • International Organisations and their Headquarters
  • Important Awards In India
  • Important Boundary Lines of the World
  • List of States and Their Dance Forms
  • National Parks & Wildlife Sanctuaries In India
  • Riverside Cities in India
  • Biosphere Reserves, Wetlands, and Tiger Reserves
  • Cabinet Ministers of India with Their Constituencies
  • Historical Monuments in India
  • Prime Ministers of India 1947 till Present
  • List of National Highways in India
  • List of National Symbols of India
  • UNESCO World Heritage Sites in India [Updated List]
  • Highest Mountain Peaks [Statewise]
  • Important Rivers in India
  • List of Indian Missiles
  • List of State Wise Lakes in India
  • Major and Minor Sea Ports 
  • List of Nobel Prize Winners from India
  • List of UPSC Chairman
  • List of Chief Justices of India
  • Women Empowerment Schemes
  • Military Exercises of the 3 Armed Forces
  • List of Elephant Reserves in India

Not only restricted to UPSC or SSC exams, but Static GK also forms an integral part of PO exam of SBI. Read our blog on the SBI PO syllabus to get a comprehensive overview!

  • National Thermal and Nuclear Power Plants
  • Indian River and Dams
  • List of Banks CMD’s- HQ’s
  • Airports 
  • Famous Temples and their History
  • Important Boundary Lines
  • Union and Railway Budget
  • 29 States and their Capitals
  • Important Food festivals
  • Revolutions and their Timelines
  • Important Palaces, Museums, and locations 
  • Indian Railways At a Glance
  • List of Bharat Ratan Awardees
  • List of Indian Ambassadors to Foreign Countries
  • List of International Organizations and their Heads
  • List of Joint Defence Exercises of India with different countries
  • List of United Nations International Years
  • National Airlines in the World

The coveted Railway Protection Force [RPF] exam consists of both, general intelligence [Dynamic and Static GK] and General Aptitude. To gain an insight into the topics, read our blog on the RPF syllabus.

  • Sobriquets & Famous Places in India
  • Symbols of States of India
  • Famous Caves 
  • List of Space Centres in India
  • The Superlative list: Biggest, Highest, Largest, Longest & Deepest in India and the World
  • List of Waterfalls in India
  • List of Space Centers in India
  • Father of Nation of Different Countries

Statics GK Topics PDF 

Here is the PDF for the trending static GK topics-

Top Books for Static GK

As we can see, there is a wide range of topics that form an integral part of this section. So, if you are wondering that which book is best for static GK then here is a list of books which you can use as a great resource for gathering information pertaining to static general knowledge topis:  

Name of the Books for Static GK Author Links
General Knowledge 2020 Arihant Buy Here!
General Studies Disha Buy Here!
General Knowledge Manual Pearson Buy Here!
General Knowledge Lucent Buy Here!
General Knowledge Prabhat Prakashan Buy Here!

Hence, clearing a prestigious competitive examination needs a stronghold over static GK as well as other dynamic current affairs. Use various sources like Newspapers, Magazines, and Journals and fuel your knowledge bank! Apprehensive about which career path to choose after 10+2? Let the experts at Leverage Edu help you in choosing the most suitable course as well as a university, based on our specially curated psychometric test!

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