SSB Interview Round and Selection Procedure

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SSB Interview

Service Selection Board is a body set up by the Ministry of Defence, Government of India in order to conduct selection procedures for the candidates willing to become a part of Indian Military Services. The SSB interviews are conducted not only to check the physical strength of individuals but also to evaluate their mental firmness. The duration of SSB ranges from 5-7 days and one needs to clear all the steps to make it up to the final list. All the defence exams, majorly NDA Exam, CDS Exam and AFCAT Exam also depend on the SSB interview for the final selection of candidates. Here is an insightful blog that covers all the important detail pertaining to this topic!

SSB Interview Procedure 

The SSB interview procedure consists of two main stages the selection process, that includes Stage I and Stage II. Those clearing the Stage I are eligible for Stage. In the first stage, cadets go through a screening test which comprises of picture perception and description test. Candidates clearing this round enter the second stage which comprises fo psychological test, Group Testing Officer Tasks (GTO Tasks), Interview part as well as Conference.

SSB Interview Selection Procedure

There are 5 days of the selection procedure you need to go through in order to clear SSB interview. If you follow the proper procedure from day 1 with proper etiquette and professionalism, you are all set to bring laurels. Here are the highlights:

Day 1 (Screening Test)

On this day, candidates have to go through Intelligence Test (Verbal as well as Non-Verbal) apart from the picture perception test. For 30 seconds picture slides will be shown to candidates for story writing. It is followed by a GD (Group Discussion).  This process and procedure are commonly known as Picture Perception and Discussion Test (PPDT). While an Intelligence test consists of multiple-choice-based questions, candidates have to answer in 30 seconds for each question. 

Day 2: Psychology Test

On the second day, candidates have to go through the following Psychological tests:

TAT (Thematic Apperception Test)

This test is a picture story-based writing test which is quite similar to the Picture perception and discussion test. Here, a candidate will be shown 11 different pictures and each one is displayed for 30 seconds within 4 minutes, candidates have to finish writing a meaningful story that will convey meaning related to the picture. The same procedure is followed until the last picture. The 12th picture will be blank and candidates are advised to write any preferable story of their choice. 

WAT (Word Association Test)

Here 60 different words are displayed flipped back to back under the duration of 50 seconds. While examining the words, the first thought that will strike the candidate’s mind has to be written. 

SRT (Situation Reaction Test) 

A booklet is given to a candidate where 60 various situations are mentioned. Candidates are advised to write their own responses pertaining to the situations. 

SD (Self Descriptive Test)

Under 15 minutes, candidates are advised to write a free opinion about their nears and dears including their parents, friends, teachers etc

Day 3rd & Day 4th (Group Testing Officer Tasks) GTO Tasks

On this day, you can do have to be prepared for mental and physical exercises indoors and outdoors. The tests include:

Group Discussion

On various themes based on current affairs, candidates will be given topics to speak on. There will be group task officers who will observe the activities of each candidate on the basis of their performance. 

Group Planning Exercise (Military Planning Exercise)

While serving in the military, candidates are likely to come across unfavorable citations and hardships. The best way to tackle such instances is by making a plan on the spot using your own intelligence. Cadets are divided into groups and assigned some tasks. GTOs closely observe the cadets and evaluate the presence of mind of each individual.

PGT (Progressive Group Tasks) 

This is an outdoor task that is conducted by dividing candidates into small groups. Three props are given to each team, that is a rope, a wooden plank, and a wooden pole. The allocated mission is to be achieved using these props and team efficiency only. While cadets struggle to complete the allocated work, GTO evaluates them. 

Half Group Tasks

This task is equivalent to the Progressive group task where a candidate has to showcase their potential with various physical activities and interesting games. 

Other tasks in Day 4 and 5 Include

  • Individual Obstacle
  • Group Obstacles Race or Snake Race
  • Command Task
  • Lecturette
  • Final Group Task

Day 5th (Conference)

In this round, candidates have to fact SSB board members where a certain question will be asked. The main aim of the conference is to see the candidature has the qualities of becoming an officer of Indian defence forces. Within an hour they declare the results of the SSB Interview. And selected ones have to undergo further medical screening for 3-5 days. It will follow with the announcement of the final merit list. 

SSB Preparation Tips

SSB is not that difficult to crack if you your preparation you are prepared well. Here are some the SSB preparation tips that will help you in cracking the SSB interview & selection procedure.

  1. Physical Activities: SSB does not only check your mental ability, it also includes physical rounds as well. Try to work out atleast 30 minutes daily, this can include walking, running, yoga & exercises to build your strength.
  2. Enhance your creative skills: SSB selection includes psychological rounds as well. To prepare for this round, take a random picture from the internet & build atleast 5 stories involving that picture. It will help you to analyze the picture better & also in time management.
  3. Improve communication skills: In a group discussion round, it is important to speak but avoid speaking unnecessarily. Try to speak good, not more because quality matters over quantity. Practice group discussion topics by communicating in the mirror daily. This will help you in verbal communication & build up confidence as well.
  4. Practice: Practice is the key to crack any exam, the more you practice more you will be chances of acing the exams. Try different mock tests, books, sample papers, study material, etc.
  5. General Awareness: One of the most important things is to keep your general knowledge & current affairs knowledge up to date. Usually, group discussion rounds also include the topic from current news. You should daily try to read newspapers & it will also help you in increasing your vocabulary.

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Mistakes to Avoid

There are some very casual mistakes every applicant often makes in SSB interviews. These small mistakes can ruin your chances. Here are the common mistakes you should avoid in SSB interview

  • Your dressing sense is your first impression on the interviewer. Avoid wearing casual dresses, t-shirts & jeans. Dress up in formals.
  • Be confident – It is natural to be nervous before the exam day or even in the interview but your nervousness can portray you as underconfident. Try to stay calm & be confident with your answers.
  • Posture – Another common mistake people make is sitting in bad posture. Always sit straight & don’t look sideways. 

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Documents Required for SSB Interview

While preparing for SSB interviews, applicants often forget to carry the necessary documents. You have to carry 4 attested documents along with the original copies. To help you in this, we have prepared a list of documents you will need for SSB interview

  • Call Letter
  • Copy of Application Form
  • Identification card
  • Educational Certificates (Class 12 & 10, Graduation degree & other certificates)
  • NCC Certificate (if applicable)
  • Photograph (10 stamp size & 25 passport size)

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SSB Books for Preparation

There are plenty of books available in the market but it is essential that applicants refer to the right books. With the help of the right books, students can prepare better & ace their exams. With the number of books available , it becomes difficult to select the right one. Here are the books suggested by toppers for preparation & revision of the SSB examination. Here is the list of books.

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Is SSB interview part of NDA & CDS exams as well?

Yes, the final selection of candidates is based on SSB interview for NDA & CDS Exams.

What is the duration of the SSB personal interview?

The duration of SSB personal interview is 45 minutes to 1 hour.

Is there round of personal interview & group discussion in SSB selection procedure?

Yes, there are rounds of Group discussion & personal interview in SSB selection procedure

Is there any dress code for personal interview of SSB?

Applicants are advised to wear formals.

Can I apply for SSB if I have any tattoos?

Tattoos on the  inner face of the forearm & backside of the palm are allowed. 

This was all about the SSB Interview round and the selection procedures for those who are aspiring to serve the nation! Are you sure that you have made the right career choice? Let the experts at Leverage Edu help you with the best of their abilities. Sign up for a free 30 minutes of E-meeting with us now!

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