This Day in History- September 12

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This Day in History- September 12

History has a lot of incidents that hold major significance in building the contemporary world. Each day has a unique lesson to teach which we must be aware of. Did you know, in 1940, a dog led 4 teens to 17,000-year-old drawings! Read through the blog to read more such interesting incidents and events that occurred on this day in history- September 12.

What Happened in India on September 12?

1786: Lord Cornwallis
Lord Cornwallis took office as Governor-General and Commander-in-Chief.

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1966: Mihir Sen swarms the Dardanelles
Mihir Sen crossed the Dardanelles strait in his dart of five continents where he swam through famous straits of the world.

1948: Indian Army Invades the State of Hyderabad
Indian Army Invades the State of Hyderabad a day after Pakistani leader Muhammad Ali Jinnah passes away.

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What Happened Around the World on September 12?

1662: John Flamsteed
John Flamsteed sees partial solar eclipse which stirs his interest in astronomy.

Source Wikipedia

1755: Giacomo Casanova imprisonment
Giacomo Casanova is sentenced to 5 years imprisonment in Venice without trial for the affront to religion and common decency

1829:  Greek War of Independence
Greek War of Independence ends after 8 years and 6 months.

1919: German Worker’s Party
Adolf Hitler joins the obscure German Worker’s Party as its 7th member. Hence, agreeing not with worker’s rights, but with its German Nationalism and antisemitism.

1922: World Record
Paavo Nurmi runs world record 5000m (14:35.4). He set 22 official world records and won a total of nine gold and three silver medals.

1940: Dog leads 4 teens to 17,000-year-old drawings
Four teens, following their dog down a hole near Lascaux, France discovers 17,000-year-old drawings now known as the Lascaux Cave Paintings.

Source: History

1949: Theodor Heuss’s election
Theodor Heuss was elected 1st President of the German Federal Republic (West Germany) with Konrad Adenauer the 1st Prime Minister.

1959: Luna 2
The Soviet Union launched Luna 2, the first space probe to hit the Moon.

1953: John F. Kennedy married Jacqueline Bouvier
U.S. senator and future president John F. Kennedy married Jacqueline Bouvier in Newport, Rhode Island.

Source: JFK library

1992: 1st African American woman to go into space
Mae Jemison is the 1st African American woman to go into space. She flew into space aboard the Endeavour STS-47.

Source: Citizen newspaper group

2007: Joseph Estrada convicted
Former Philippine President Joseph Estrada is convicted of the crime of plunder.

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Famous Birthdays

1912: Feroze Gandhi, Indian Politician

Source: Wikipedia

1913: Jesse Owens. American Athlete


1981: Jennifer Hudson, American Singer

Source: imdb

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