How to Reschedule GRE?

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Reschedule GRE

If you wish to pursue your master’s degree or a PhD abroad, GRE is the prerequisite. Most of the universities in the US, Canada and Australia give admissions on the basis of the score GRE. A standard test administered by the Educational Testing Service (ETS), GRE is conducted both in online and offline mode. Whether planning to seek admission in Law, Business or Medical schools abroad, candidates have to take the GRE to prove their aptitude for the course. It is one of the most widely pursued aptitude exams for admissions accepted by thousands of universities around the world. The test consists of 3 sections which include Analytical Writing, Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Aptitude. Anyone with a bachelor’s degree can appear in the exam irrespective of their age. Moreover, the test is valid for 5 years and a candidate can appear for the test 5 times a year. In this blog, we will answer the stepwise procedure to reschedule GRE. 

Can You Reschedule Your GRE Test?

If you want to know whether the date for GRE can be rescheduled then the answer is Yes! However, you need to meet the following conditions that are roughly identical in most countries offering the GRE. 

To reschedule GRE you must:

Choosing a Date

ETS offers the option for candidates to reschedule their GRE exam for 365 days which means if the date of your examination is 5 June (for example), the test can be rescheduled to any date as declared on website. It is important that you choose to reschedule the test 4 days prior to the scheduled i.e. if you are appearing in the test on the 10th of a month, then you must reschedule it before the 6th of the same month. If you fail to reschedule your test before the deadline, the feel paid will lapse. 

Paying Fee

The fee for the exam is $205 which is around 14500 INR. Unfortunately, in order to reschedule GRE date, there is a fee attached to it. You will have to pay $50 which is around 3600 INR. However, in case you have to make changes in one or more categories, you are not needed to pay more. The flat cost for making any changes at one time is 3600INR but if you reschedule GRE one day and another day you reschedule your test centre, you will be charged extra. So it is advised to make all the changes on the same day to avoid paying extra money.

How to Do It?

The easiest way to reschedule GRE is through the official website of ETS. Here is the stepwise guide to it. 

Step 1: Go to the official website of ETS and log in your account.

Step 2: Go to the ‘Upcoming Tests’ section and choose the test you want to reschedule. 

Step 3: You will be redirected to the page with your test details. Click ‘Reschedule Appointment’

Step 4: The list of dates will appear on the following page from which you will have to choose one date. 

If you’re thinking to reschedule GRE dates, consider the following: 

  • If there’s any personal emergencies?
  • How much have you actually studied for the GRE?
  • Whether you’re willing to retake the GRE?
  • How much you’re planning to spend on the test?
  • And finally, how faster your application deadlines are coming up?

Cracking GRE can be a challenging task if not taken seriously. It is important to know the exam first and then go about it. So the first thing would be to know what GRE is all about. Another thing to look for is the eligibility for the exam. Make sure you read our blog on eligibility for GRE to help you prepare for it beforehand.

While some people are confused about the difference between GRE vs CAT, it is important to get the confusions cleared and choose the exam which is best suited for you.

Not sure what to study? Wanting to improve your GRE score? Then, read our comprehensive blog on GRE Exam syllabus to get an overview of subjects covered during the exam. This can surely help you prepare better.

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GRE is the most common aptitude exam for those wishing to study in universities abroad. Hopefully, you’ll follow the above steps in case you wish to reschedule GRE. And, If you are looking for options for GRE coaching in Delhi, Leverage Edu has a robust framework to train you and help you achieve mastery over all the sections of the GRE. Our experts are highly trained to equip you with smart ways to ace the exam. 

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